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Not only are birds beautiful, but they lead fascinating lives as well. There are so many different species, and every one is a worthy subject for consideration and discussion. Learn about nesting habits, mating rituals, migratory patterns and all sorts of other elements of these birds' lives. You can also find out how they interact with each other and what to do if you come across one of these birds in the wild. Whether you are a professional ornithologist or just an average person who enjoys looking out the window at the bird feeder, these birds are sure to enthrall.

David Attenborough: Life of Birds is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on October 21, 1998.

Where do I stream David Attenborough: Life of Birds online? David Attenborough: Life of Birds is available for streaming on BBC one, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch David Attenborough: Life of Birds on demand at Vudu online.

Wednesdays 8:00 PM et/pt on BBC one
1 Season, 10 Episodes
October 21, 1998
Documentary & Biography, Kids & Family
Cast: David Attenborough As Presenter
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David Attenborough: Life of Birds Full Episode Guide

  • Attenborough investigates the challenges different birds must face in order to survive. Birds that inhabit extreme environments have adapted unbelievable survival strategies - like using their feathers to absorb water in the desert or burrowing in the sand to avoid the heat in other warm climates.

  • The penultimate episode explores the ways in which birds raise their offspring. Once the eggs have been successfully incubated, they finally hatch and the real challenge begins: feeding the young. Attenborough also shows us European cuckoos, Arabian babblers, and Brent geese as they raise their young.

  • Once an egg is laid, it needs much help and protection to ensure it hatches successfully. For some birds, this means laying eggs far away from predators - like behind the curtain of a waterfall in South America or the remote cliffs in Argentina. Others use more elaborate methods, like building a decoy nest above their actual nest, or feigning injury to distract would-be marauders.

  • We follow David Attenborough as he shows us the mating rituals of birds. We see the visual displays of the male birds and hear their calls as they attract females in a variety of courtship rituals.

  • This episode explores the ways in which birds communicate. Some birds, like the fieldfares in Sweden, raise audible alarms to deter invaders, while in the wooded areas of England birds co-operate to surreptitiously warn each other of approaching danger.

  • Attenborough takes us to the rivers and oceans to look at the water-dwelling birds of the world. We then are taken to the mudflats to look at wading birds and then it's off to Australia to see curious Providence petrels.

  • This episode looks at the lives of meat-eating birds and examines their methods of hunting. Attenborough shows us many birds of prey, focusing on their keen eyesight and unique hunting styles. Also featured are omnivorous parrots and sea hawks that hunt marine Iguanas.

  • Madagascar is an island of extremes. While the east is cloaked in soaking rainforest, the west and south is almost a desert. The animals and plants of the dry southern lands are stranger and more mysterious than on any other part of the island, and their strategies for surviving the dryness are extraordinary.

  • We travel deep into Madagascar's most luxuriant landscape; the rainforests that cloak the island's eastern mountains. Cyanide-eating lemurs, cannibalistic frogs, meat-eating plants, cryptic leaf-tailed geckos, tadpole-eating wasps, tunnel-digging chameleons and house-proud flycatchers are just some of the weird and wonderful wildlife featured.

  • Discover Madagascar's most bizarre and dramatic places, and the unique wildlife that has made its home in each, thanks to the geology and isolation of this Alice-in-Wonderland world.