The Royle Family

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The comedy series The Royle Family is a sitcom about a working-class family from Manchester, focusing on Mam and Dad - Barbara and Jim - as parents of children Denise and late-teen Antony. As is the case with most blue-collar sitcoms, the family's loutishness is the main source of laughs.

Daily at 11:00 PM et/pt on BBC One
4 Seasons, 24 Episodes
September 1, 1998

The Royle Family Full Episode Guide

  • Barbara goes overboard on Christmas gifts. The family makes room for a buxom new neighbor on the sofa. Dave preps an entrepreneurial sales pitch.

  • Jim's out of commission on Christmas Day, so Barbara is overwhelmed. Dave and Denise fret that Antony's lavish gift outshines theirs: a fridge magnet.

  • Friends and family plot a surprise party for Jim and Barbara's 50th wedding anniversary. A celebratory getaway isn't quite all the couple hoped for.

  • Baby David's first birthday comes around and the Royle's sit down as they did last Christmas. This time they are joined by Darren and Emma, including her parents. Emma's father, Roger can't seem to stop boasting which annoys Jim. When they leave, an unhappy and mad Jim gets the best present of them all

  • In 2006, the BBC commissioned a talking heads programme, Why we Love the Royle Family, which included celebrity fans such as Noel Gallagher, Paul Heaton and J.K. Rowling.

  • Antony declares that he and Darren, the managers of their band 'Exit' are going to London to find a record deal, of course they get the usual barrage of insults from Jim and Dave, and Nanna contributes to the fund, 50p!

  • Nanna's dear old neighbour Elsie dies, and today is the funeral. It's full of the usual admiration of the persons house, and Nanna has also been taking stuff from Elsie's since she has passed on, so Jim gets one back for Elise! Nanna is also hinting that she wants to move in: "I would never ever think of asking you to let me stay here, but well that back bedroom is free now!"

  • Twiggy and Jim are redecorating the dining room for the Christening, but because Jim is so tight they don't have a steamer. The pair, and later Dave, use kitchen utensils to remove the wallpaper, whilst Dancing to Mambo No. 5! They don't get very far ...

  • The Royle's decide that it's time for a pint but who will be left babbysiting, 'Big Cheryl' from next door or maybe Mary and Joe, but when Antony goes for 'a Tommy Tit' he's left holding the baby

  • Baby David finally arrives at the Royle's House, dressed from head to toe in the 'latest Gear', that is obviously Manchester slang for complete tack, but it seems that Denise is taking a back seat and letting Dave do all the work, will it continue?

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