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Wild Justice is a reality television series on the National Geographic Channel that follows several California Game Wardens as they do their job around the state. The Game Wardens are tasked with protecting California's diverse wildlife. They patrol the beaches and forests of this large state.

The Game Wardens must ensure that the citizens of California follow of the states nature-related rules. The series follows these officials as they fight poachers and illegal hunters. The Game Wardens even arrest people for growing marijuana. In addition to seeing the Game Wardens fight the drug industry, we see them participate in rescues of hikers. If it happens outdoors in California, the state's brave Game Wardens are there to help.

A lot of the places that the Game Wardens work in are areas of low population. California is a huge state with large deserts. Traditional police departments often don't have the manpower to patrol these vast areas so that is where the Game Wardens come into play. They do all the traditional jobs of a police officer, such as serving warrants and arresting people, but they do so while dealing with the challenges of the great outdoors. Wild animals, drug cartels, and careless outdoorsmen are all challenges that the California Game Wardens deal with on a routine basis.

Each episode of Wild Justice lasts an hour and focuses on a different aspect of the Game Warden's job. The series is narrated and it intends to be educational and informative as well as entertaining.

Sundays at 9:00 pm et/pt on National Geographic
5 Seasons, 54 Episodes
November 28, 2010
Cast: Thom Beers, Denny Heide
Wild Justice
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Wild Justice Full Episode Guide

  • Warden Chris Stoots sets restrictions for boar hunting in his region and Warden Brian Boyd chases down a nighttime culprit.

  • Wardens Karnow and Boyd search for a bow hunter while Lt. Nores goes on patrol for the first time without his K-9 partner, with Kroll and Stoots.

  • Wardens give trespassers a big surprise, track bear hunters and happen upon a gold miner on public land.

  • Wardens search for bear hunters, biologist Klip corrects bear behavior and Stoots is busy at a traffic stop.

  • Warden Stoots gets a tip from local police on spotlighting activity. Wardens Beals and Martignoni persuade a poacher to become an informant leading them to a gruesome discovery, and Warden Boyd uses a decoy to catch would-be poachers red handed.

  • Lt. Nores organizes a team to end the illegal sale of piranha. Wardens Stoots and Kroll remove a blacktip shark from a store before it's sold illegally. Chief Nancy Foley leads a checkpoint to crack down on abalone poaching, and the San Francisco wardens go undercover to try and catch a local market buying fish illegally.

  • Warden Karnow investigates a lead on deer poaching to find the truth behind the kill. Lt. Nores and Wardens Quintal and Stoots are aided in chasing down spotlighters with the help of their aerial unit. Wardens Beals and Martignoni get the call to help out some abandoned wildlife babies.

  • Wardens Quintal, Kroll and Stoots encounter a habitual liar, who has a history of shooting birds in the neighborhood. Warden Alexander works with residents to stop their neighbor from feeding bears and the local wildlife. Wardens Galwey and Boyd deal with an irate farmer who is concerned with deer eating his crop.

  • Wardens Karnow and Boyd use K-9 Phoebe to track down evidence and a suspected bow hunting poacher whose practice puts the public's safety at risk. Lt. Nores reflects on his former K-9 partner and goes on patrol with Wardens Stoots and Kroll along Anderson Lake. Their investigation comes to an abrupt and dangerous stop.

  • Wardens are caught off guard by the actions of a couple of trespassers on public land. Warden Boyd goes undercover to track down a group of bear hunters, while Warden Kroll and trainee Holley, find and interrogate a family who has set up a gold mine on public property.

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