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Mysteries of the Bible is a television series that explores the many stories and tales as described in the Holy Bible. The locations are actually filmed in the Holy Land and all of the newest scientific research is used to try to solve some of the mysteries that have gone unanswered. With actual footage from locations described in the bible the film takes many different stories and unfolds them using biblical scholars and archeological facts.

There is no one set religious view here but Jewish and Christian thoughts are both explored with interviews by scholars of both faiths. Then there are the archeologists who use many modern day technologies as well.

Narrated by Richard Kiley and Jean Simmons, one of the episodes explores biblical angels and just what their role was. Many biblical scholars believe that angels had a large role especially in the days of the Old Testament. There is one episode about this subject alone. They talk about when Abraham was going to deliver his son as a sacrifice and the voice of an angel stopped him. Then in the New Testament another angel spoke to the Virgin Mary about having a child named Jesus. Satan himself was an angel. But many modern day scientists take a look at these stories and disclaim them describing how it wouldn't be possible.

Archeologists discuss if the areas spoken about in the bible are historically accurate. Some thought the piles of dirt found in some areas were just that, dirt piles. Mounds of ruins that are thought to be just waste land was found through modern research to be ancient cities. By studying these areas, the series explores if the ruins could be from the times of the biblical era.

Even ordinary men have found ancient scriptures by accident, like the shepherd who found what is known as the Dead Sea scrolls and the show explores if these are the real deal or just a series of things that can be explained by science. This series explores many points of view through entertaining and fascinating archives and technologies as they are researched from a modern day standpoint.

Mysteries of the Bible is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 1994.

Where do I stream Mysteries of the Bible online? Mysteries of the Bible is available for streaming on National Geographic, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mysteries of the Bible on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, History Vault, iTunes online.

National Geographic
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
March 25, 1994
Cast: Richard Kiley, Jean Simmons, David Wolpe, Daniel Smith-Christopher
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Mysteries of the Bible Full Episode Guide

  • In 1858, at the foot of the Pyrenees in France, Our Lady of Lourdes reportedly repeatedly appeared to Ste. Bernadette. Each year, millions make the pilgrimage to partake of the cures attributed to the shrine. Are these cures miraculous? We'll investigate.

  • A visit to sites that have been revered by prophets and holy men throughout history. Includes Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Chaco Canyon and Jerusalem.

  • A look at Biblical miracles--are they merely fictional stories or did they actually occur? Includes the tale of Moses, who was punished by God for drawing water from a rock.

  • Explores people and events in the Bible: Did these people really exist? Did these incidents happen? Can they be confirmed by natural phenomena? Includes the parting of the Red Sea, the Tower of Babble, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Great Flood and more.

  • If Jesus was born without sin, why did he seek baptism from John? And why do some people consider John to be the real Messiah? This fascinating program explores the answers to these questions and more.

  • Every December people of the Jewish faith gather to celebrate the joyous holiday of Hanukkah, but few realize that the foundations of this celebration are rooted in bloody violence.

  • Story of the apostle who is so hated for betraying Jesus that German law forbids parents from giving his name to their newborn children.

  • Women the world over have patterned their lives after heroines of the Hebrew Bible, looking to them for inspiration and examples of virtue. But who are the real women behind the sacred tales?

  • Theologians offer insight into mankind's unwavering faith in the Messiah, including perspectives from Hebrew specialists who await his return.

  • What were the details of Jesus's death? This documentary attempts to answer that question, from the Last Supper to Jesus's trial, his execution and his resurrection. Narrated by Jean Simmons and Richard Kiley, the film explores Jerusalem's Old City streets and the discovery of a mysterious tomb in a cave near Mt. Zion. Experts examine historical facts and scientific evidence as they try to piece together the events surrounding Jesus's death.

  • Explore the life and legacy of King Solomon, the great Hebrew king renowned for his wisdom. Includes Solomon's love affair with the Queen of Sheba and the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Saint Paul transformed from Christianity's bitterest foe to its strongest advocate. Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus determined the future of the Christian movement and the Western world.

  • An intriguing search for the fabled Garden of Eden and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. Can the account of the Creation, as passed down in the book of Genesis, still be taken literally?

  • The disturbing apocalyptic visions, cryptic passages, fantastic beasts and grim prophecies that comprise the Book of Revelation have long fascinated -- and perplexed -- the faithful, scholars, historians and mystics alike. This program delves deep into one of the Bible's most confounding and compelling books, addressing the identity of the author of the Scripture and the meaning of the Seven Seals and the Four Horsemen.

  • Story of Jacob's magnificent stairway to heaven. Includes a trip to the Middle East to explore 4,000-year-old ruins that some believe were the palaces of Jacob and his son.

  • Chronicles the tale of the decent man who suffered terrible misfortunes. Also, look closer at how the Book of Job, considered a blasphemous attack on God, made its way into the Bible.

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