Winx Club: The Power Within

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Winx Club: The Power Within features the fairy Bloom exploring the land of Pyros further and discovering a witch named Mya. This witch offers to train Bloom in her magical ways which could make Bloom even more powerful. Later Bloom discovers a powerful secret about Brandon and Prince Sky. Afterwards an even bigger secret about Brandon is discovered.

Later in the episode Bloom is forced to fight a powerful foe by herself. In order to defeat this enemy she must believe in herself and hopefully gain an even stronger connection to the source of her power. At the end of the episode Bloom returns to Alfea and celebrates her new found powers. Brandon and Price Sky’s secret becomes an even bigger deal as the series continues so it is important to pay attention to this plotline.

1 Season, 56 Episodes
June 27, 2011
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family

Winx Club: The Power Within Full Episode Guide

  • The Winx have the final Gift of Destiny, which allows them to save one life of the fallen. Unfortunately, the Wizards' ruin their only chance at saving Nabu. Aisha is now driven to vengeance but Morgana is cleared of it.

  • Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha are BFFs who attend Alfea College for Fairies. Together they study hard, hang out, and when faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from evil.

  • Bloom takes on the powerful Nebula in order to save Gardenia from a meteorite of ice. Through Bloom's demonstration of sacrifice and courage, Morgana is moved to leave her vengeful ways.

  • Morgana and the Warrior Fairies aren't happy with the Winx' decision to protect the Wizards. To make their feelings clear, the Warrior Fairies attack Gardenia putting the Winx in a very tough spot.

  • The Winx learn that Jason Queen wants them to enter a concert for new bands! But they're even more surprised to find the Wizards at the Music Bar asking to surrender. Should the Winx believe them?

  • Using a magical convergence, the Winx free themselves and the Specialists from the Fairy of Forests' prison. However, they have new adversaries to battle: deforesters who threaten to destroy the power source of the Amazon forest

  • After Diana's attack on Gardenia, the Winx travel to the Amazon to find her, and rescue the kidnapped Specialists.

  • The Winx discover that Morgana, queen of the fairies, and all the exiled earth fairies are out for vengeance. They hold a grudge against the Wizards and the entire human race!

  • After deciding to form a band, the Winx take a trip to the mysterious island of Tir Nan Og, which contains the portal to the fairies' realm. Each Winx is tricked by mirages that threaten to keep them off track.

  • The White Circle serves as the only key to a dimension where all of Earth's fairies are imprisoned. Tecna hides the Circle in an online videogame. When the Wizards are hot on its trail, it's up to the Winx to protect it.

  • People's belief in the Winx is bad news for the Wizards of the Black circle. In order to silence Gardenia's faith in fairies, the Wizards recruit three humans to pose as reckless fairies. Who could they be?

  • The people of Gardenia are turning around and believing the magic of the Winx. With more people behind them, the Winx' Believix powers grow stronger. Together with Roxy, they have become the seven protectors of Gardenia.

  • The Wizards are more determined than ever to take control of the White Circle. But as the people of Gardenia start believing in the Winx, the fairies become undefeatable. Will the Wizards prevail?

  • As Roxy works to master her fairy powers, the Winx convince her to finally reveal the truth to her father. Her plans get thrown off, though, when the Wizards of the Black Circle interfere and kidnap Rick and Roxy.

  • The Winx take on a super hero approach to convince the people of Gardenia to believe in them. Meanwhile the Winx face some troubles of their own when disagreements split them apart.

  • The Winx attempt to strengthen their Believix power by making the people of Gardenia believe in them. Meanwhile, Musa has a big audition with music producer Jason Queen that could change her life forever.

  • The Winx discover that the White Circle is the last portal to the realm where the Earth Fairies have been imprisoned by the Wizards. Possessed by a powerful warrior fairy, Roxy turns against the Winx.

  • A mysterious voice inside Roxy's head sends her and the Winx to an old country house, with the Wizards close behind. There they make an important discovery that will help them fight the Wizards, but is it too late to try?

  • When people on Earth start believing in magic, the Winx obtain Believix, a power that will help them defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle. When the Wizards put Roxy in the Black Portal, it's up to the Winx to stop them.

  • Chaos ensues at Love and Pet when the Wizards of the Black Circle turn the pets into monsters. With the Specialists by their side, the Winx try to turn the pets back to normal. Can they do it without wreaking havoc on Gardenia?

  • Business at the pet shop picks up, but there's trouble with the Specialists when they learn the Winx have made some new, handsome friends. The fairies have other matters on their mind, though, as they race to find the last fairy.

  • The Winx move to Gardenia to find the last fairy on Earth. In order to earn money, the Winx open Love and Pet, a magic pet shop. Their new furry friends help plant the seed of believing in magic on Gardenia.

  • When the Winx learn about the dangers of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they set out to protect the last fairy on Earth. To find out where the fairy is, they go to Pixie Village.

  • Back at Alfea, the Wizards of the Black Circle try to abduct Bloom. The Wizards find out Bloom isn't who they're looking for, and they leave Alfea with a threatening determination.

  • Valtor captures the Specialists and takes them to Andros. The Winx, with Nabu's help, set out to free them. Bloom must make use of her Dragon Fire and fairy dust to beat Valtor and continue the search for her birth parents.

  • Valtor unleashes the power of the four elements against the three schools and the city of Magix. The Winx go head to head with Valtor and the Trix to end the fury of the elements, but Valtor shows himself as the beast that he is.

  • The Winx discover that Cloudtower was only hidden by a magic barrier. After uncovering the school, they search for the Ancestral Witches. Bloom must learn from them the truth about her parents without letting the Trix stop her.

  • The Winx and the Specialists return to study the Water Stars. Valtor challenges the school directors to a duel, and makes Cloudtower vanish! Bloom comes face to face with Valtor and daunting information about her real parents.

  • The Winx are put to the test in Red Tower as they enter the Golden Kingdom to find the Water Stars. When Valtor sends the Trix to Red Tower, they ultimately lose to the Winx and the Specialists.

  • To put out Valtor's Dragon Fire, Bloom must get the Water Stars from Red Tower. On their way there, the Winx and Specialists find Ophir on their shuttle. When the trip gets dangerous, they must decide whether to trust his help.

  • Valtor continues to steal more magic and becomes stronger than ever before. Meanwhile the Trix go to the Pixie's village to find their collection of spells. It's up to the Pixies to fight the Trix and protect their spells.

  • Stella's father King Radius announces that he is to marry Cassandra. The Winx go to Solaria to help Stella stop the wedding. They must sneak past the guards and find a way to stop Cassandra and Chimera from taking over Solaria.

  • When the Winx go to Magix for a day, they meet Ophir, a wizard who has been following Aisha. While there, Valtor steals a powerful archive from the Magic Museum and the Winx must fight to get it back and save the Magic Dimension.

  • Bloom returns to Alfea where she is reunited with Sky, and the two head to the Omega Dimension to help their friends. The Specialists battle dangerous convicts, and the Winx face the White Snake, as they attempt to rescue Tecna.

  • When Timmy learns that Tecna is trapped in the Omega Dimension, the Winx and the Specialists set off to free her. On Pyros, Bloom meets Maia, an elder, who puts Bloom's abilities and determination to the test.

  • Timmy invents an emotional sensor to trace Tecna's location, while Bloom faces her toughest battles yet in Pyros. With the help of a little dragon named Buddy, Bloom regains peace and self-confidence while building her strength.

  • The Winx go to Cloudtower to get revenge on Valtor for what happened to Tecna. There they come across Headmistress Griffin who was held captive. After the battle, Miss Faragonda shares with Bloom a risky way to boost her powers.

  • The portal that links Andros to the Omega dimension is giving way and the two worlds are about to be destroyed. The Winx must find a way to close the portal. In doing so, Tecna makes a very brave and daring sacrifice.

  • The Winx go to Flora's planet of Lynphea where they meet her little sister Miele who leads them to the sage of Lynphea. She tells the Winx how to retrieve the tears of the Black Willow in order to free Miss Faragonda.

  • Valtor and the Trix take over Cloudtower, ordering all of its students to attack Alfea. The fairies of Alfea must band together to save their school. Meanwhile, Miss Faragonda comes face to face in a battle with Valtor.

  • Going against Miss Faragonda's word, Bloom returns to Eraklyon to learn why Sky turned against her. When Bloom realizes that he's been branded with Valtor's mark, Stella uses her new Enchantix powers to free Sky from the spell.

  • Bloom and the Winx go to Eraklyon for the celebration. With the help of evil Diaspro, Valtor tries to destroy Bloom's relationship with Sky! Meanwhile, Stella must sacrifice herself to save her father from Valtor's spell.

  • Aisha restores her sight with her new Enchantix powers. Stella helps Bloom prepare to attend a ball on Sky's planet. Before she leaves, Miss Faragonda tells Bloom about the Company of Light and reveals a secret she's been hiding.

  • Back on Andros, when the Winx find the cure for Aisha's blindness, Aisha must choose between her sight and saving Queen Ligea. Will Tressa, Aisha's cousin, find the courage to lead them to victory?

  • The Winx go to Andros to help Aisha reverse Valtor's spell on the planet's mermaids. They come face to face with the Trix, who have returned and joined forces with Valtor. Will Valtor finally have his chance to defeat the Winx?

  • When Stella and the Winx reach the Mirror of Truth, Stella must face a difficult task and see herself for who she really is. With the help of Brandon and her friends, she is able to see beyond the surface and break the curse.

  • In order to help Stella and reverse Valtor's spell, the Winx and the Specialists set out in search for the Mirror of Truth. Can they figure out a way to get past looming ice blocks and the giant talons to help their friend?

  • Valtor visits Solaria and meets Countess Cassandra and her daughter Chimera. Cassandra shows Valtor Solaria's light in return for control of Stella's father the King. They ruin Stella's ball by turning her into a monster!

  • Valtor is an evil sorcerer plotting revenge against the Magic Dimension. When he strikes Aisha's planet of Andros, she returns there to save the mermaids. Meanwhile, the Winx prepare to go to Solaria for Stella's princess ball.

  • The Winx help their new friend Aisha rescue the Pixies from the Shadow Phoenix who, with the Trix, tries to use Bloom's Dragon Flame to control the Magic Dimension. Can the Winx rescue Bloom before he can complete his evil plan?

  • After the Trix steal Bloom's Dragon Power, the Winx set out to stop them from destroying the Magic Dimension. Daphne tells Bloom that in order to defeat the Trix, she must believe in herself and find her own Dragon Power within.

  • While Bloom settles in to Alfea, she tries to learn more about her family history and her sister Daphne, but the Trix stand in her way. Can Bloom beat the witches in time to protect her power and learn the truth about her past?

  • Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha are BFFs who attend Alfea College for Fairies. Together they study hard, hang out, and when faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from evil.