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  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (66)

Woman from Viceland is a powerful documentary series that first aired in 2016. This thought-provoking show delivers an unflinching look at women's rights and issues globally through the lens of war, politics, violence, and cultural practices. The series carries the strong weight of authenticity and credibility from its executive producer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gloria Steinem, who has been a prominent and influential feminist since the late 1960's and has dedicated her career to the fight for women’s rights.

Woman from Viceland offers audiences a stark, vivid and truthful view of the world we live in. Each episode delves into the diverse experiences of women from around the world with Steinem serving as a guide, opening a window into lives that are drastically different, and yet hold striking similarities. The show does not shy away from depicting the harsh and sometimes brutal realities that millions of women face every day. Subjects span from child marriage in Zambia to sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the impact and aftereffects of military conflict on women in areas like Pakistan and Colombia. This isn't simply a retelling of events, but an immersive exploration revealing issues that affect women’s freedoms and safety on a global scale.

The format of the series contributes significantly to its impact. Rather than being a detached narrator, Steinem steps into the lives of the women featured, letting their stories unfold in their own voices. This is deeply personal storytelling on a global scale, where each episode is framed not only around the geographical location, but also the critical, and sometimes controversial, themes. It successfully strips back any preconceptions, replacing them with honest narratives that highlight the strength, resilience and endurance of women worldwide.

One of the distinguishing aspects of Woman from Viceland, which sets it apart from other documentary shows, is the wide range of countries and cultures it tackles. The series examines issues pertinent to women across continents, showcasing the diversity and universality of the female experience. Through intimate interviews and immersive visuals, the series has highlighted pivotal issues such as gender discrimination, human trafficking, violence, domestic abuse, and social and political injustice.

Innovatively, Woman from Viceland refrains from victimizing its subjects but portrays them as resilient survivors who resist their circumstances. The audience gets an enlightening perspective on the endurance and resistance of women, bringing a human face to issues that are often discussed in abstract terms. Thus, the series spreads awareness about grim issues and scenarios that require global attention and action, triggering a call to action and making it a powerful tool for social change.

The pacing, structure, and uncompromising tone of the show all work well to show the gravity of these issues while still providing a glimmer of hope in the strength and ferocity of these women. “Woman” does not simply tell stories; it gives a voice to those who are not usually heard, fostering empathy, understanding, and indeed, inspiring action.

The series has undeniably contributed to the important conversation about women's rights, resulting in added visibility, awareness and understanding about pressing societal issues. It succeeds in presenting the stories with dignity and respect, ensuring the subjects are not merely seen as victims, but are recognized for their undeniable strength and resilience.

Woman from Viceland is a significant series that operates on the objective of making the invisible visible – to reveal what is often hidden in the shadows and bring it into the light. Harnessing the power of storytelling this Viceland series is much more than a regular TV show. It is a platform that recognizes, honors, and shares the diverse experiences of women worldwide while serving as an underscored call to action for the justice and equality of women around the world.

In sum, Woman from Viceland is a paradoxically grim yet enlightening exploration of women's condition around the world, a powerful series that manages to inform, disturb, inspire and provoke thought simultaneously.

Woman is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on May 10, 2016.

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Pakistan: On the Frontlines
8. Pakistan: On the Frontlines
June 28, 2016
Extremist violence in Pakistan is profoundly affecting the female population. We explore how women are responding to the threat and creating change.
USA: Assault in the Military
7. USA: Assault in the Military
June 21, 2016
Sexual assault in the U.S. military affects women disproportionately. We meet with survivors and military personnel to find out what’s being done to combat the problem.
El Salvador: Femicide
6. El Salvador: Femicide
June 14, 2016
Every year, hundreds of women in El Salvador are being murdered just because they’re women. We explore the culture of machismo and gang violence to find out why.
USA: Mothers Behind Bars
5. USA: Mothers Behind Bars
June 7, 2016
The U.S. locks up more women than any other country. Most of them are mothers, and their children will likely end up in prison, creating a repeating cycle of incarceration.
Zambia: Child Brides
4. Zambia: Child Brides
May 31, 2016
We follow a 14-year-old Zambian girl through a pre-wedding ritual before she marries a 48-year-old man, and we learn how child marriage threatens the entire region.
Canada: The Missing First Nations
3. Canada: The Missing First Nations
May 24, 2016
The First Nations women of Canada are disappearing and being murdered at an alarming rate.
Colombia: The Women of FARC
2. Colombia: The Women of FARC
May 17, 2016
As Colombia nears the end of a fifty-year civil war, we meet current and former female FARC soldiers to find out how they will be reintegrated into society.
DRC: Rape as a Weapon of War
1. DRC: Rape as a Weapon of War
May 10, 2016
As rival militias and armies battle for control of mineral-rich territories in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rape of women has become a routine military tactic.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 10, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (66)