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Animals is a rightfully named show, The show starts of with two individuals that are addicted to drugs. The story has a metaphor of those individuals watching animals that are behind cages and in a zoo. The pain and need to find the drugs that make both of these individuals feel good is once again being sought.

As time goes on their need and cravings cause drug addicts to behave in weird, and predictable patterns. The loved ones, and people who once knew these addicted persons, suffer from hurt and crushed dreams. The addict is an individual who will go to any measure to find their daily dose.

Friday 11:30 PM et/pt on HBO
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
February 5, 2016
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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  • A teenage pigeon's jealousy over his angelic little brother leads him on a wacky spirit quest that teaches him about courage and responsibility; two foxes rap about their tough life on the city streets.

  • Laboratory rats Mike and Phil enter a love triangle with an imaginary friend; two fleas ponder life while stuck on a monkey's back; an algae questions its existence.

  • After his wife is taken from him, a turkey seeks revenge on the mayor during the Thanksgiving parade; two rat teens venture out of the sewer.

  • The squirrels' wild journey comes to an end; a queen ant tries to make friends by going undercover as a worker.

  • After their home is destroyed, two young squirrel brothers must rely on their survival skills as they journey through a tree trunk towards freedom, meeting rodent friends and foes along the way.

  • Two flies experience the highs and lows of life in just a few hours; a self-conscious horse is encouraged to cut loose; bodega-dwelling cats rap.

  • Pigeon Phil encounters trouble after he's reunited with the dad who abandoned him, while pigeon Mike struggles to encourage his son to be a seagull scout.

  • A rat invents pants; a moth tries neon light for the first time; two fish couples make it through a tense dinner.

  • A papillon enters an unwelcoming dog park where a dog-walking group deals with an unexpected secret while two dogs dissect their owners' first date.

  • A misguided rat gets mating tips from a friend at a subterranean party, though an offer of a little blue pill has disastrous results. A pair of police horses complain about an old acquaintance, Greg, who's made it big as a thoroughbred racing horse. A bedbug faces a midlife crisis and gets an earring.

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