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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (35)

Wonder of Dogs is a TV series that aired on Nat Geo Wild in 2013. The show follows Kate Humble, Ruth Goodman, and Steve Leonard as they explore everything dogs. The show looks into various aspects of dogs: their history, their biology, their breeds, and their relationship with humans.

The show is divided into six episodes, each focusing on a particular topic related to dogs. The first episode is titled "Origins," and it delves into the history of dogs, tracing their roots back to their wild ancestors, the wolves. The hosts travel to various parts of the world, from Africa to Asia to North America, to discover how dogs have evolved and how they have been domesticated by humans. They also interview scientists and experts who shed light on the genetic makeup of dogs and how it affects their behavior and traits.

The second episode, "Breeds," explores the different breeds of dogs, their unique characteristics, and the reasons why they were bred. The hosts visit dog shows and meet breeders to learn more about the various breeds and how they have been selectively bred over the years to create different types of dogs, from working dogs like German Shepherds and Border Collies to lap dogs like Pugs and Chihuahuas.

The third episode, "The Bond," looks at the special relationship between dogs and humans. The hosts meet dog owners who share their stories of how their dogs have changed their lives and become an integral part of their families. They also speak to experts who explain the science behind the bond between dogs and humans and how it has evolved over the centuries.

The fourth episode, "Health," examines the biology of dogs and how it affects their health. The hosts visit a vet clinic to learn about common health issues that affect dogs, from obesity to arthritis to dental problems. They also look at how advances in veterinary medicine have helped dogs live longer and healthier lives.

The fifth episode, "Working Dogs," highlights the various roles that dogs play in society, from police dogs to guide dogs to search and rescue dogs. The hosts meet the trainers and handlers who work with these dogs and witness firsthand how they use their training and instincts to help humans.

The final episode, "Training and Behavior," explores the psychology of dogs and how they learn and communicate with humans. The hosts meet dog trainers and behaviorists who explain different training techniques and how they can be used to modify a dog's behavior. They also look at the different ways that dogs communicate with humans, from body language to barking.

Overall, Wonder of Dogs is an informative and entertaining series that appeals to both dog lovers and those who are interested in the biology and history of dogs. The hosts bring their own unique perspectives and personalities to the show, and their passion for dogs is evident in every episode. Whether you're looking to learn more about your own furry friend or just want to appreciate the wonder of dogs, this show is definitely worth watching.

Wonder of Dogs
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