Work That Room with Christopher Lowell

Home design shows have become some of the most popular reality television programs on the market today. Christoper Lowell has hosted many of these shows. Lowell is an interior design expert that has been helping people make better design decisions for years. He has a variety of shows, of which "Work That Room" is the most recent.

The format of this show finds Lowell traveling to various homes, buildings, and businesses. He then breaks down the various problems with the interior design in these buildings. Lowell discusses these problems with the building owner and discusses various design solutions that they could utilize to maximize design efficiency.

Lowell will then work with the home owners to implement his design decisions. What sets this show apart from other home design shows is the fact that Lowell works with what is available in the room, without making major physical changes to the home.

Essentially, he will use different design elements to accentuate what is present in the home. This will create a new look for the room and the building in general. He generally works with homeowners as opposed to business owners. However, some of the most popular shows focus on public buildings.

Fine Living
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 26, 2008
Reality, Home & Garden
Work That Room with Christopher Lowell

Work That Room with Christopher Lowell Full Episode Guide

  • Homeowners need help turning their backyard into a Spanish-style resort.

  • Newlyweds want their multifunctional living room to have a coastal feel.

  • A dilapidated Victorian in an urban neighborhood gets a hip feel.

  • With Christopher's help a small courtyard is turned into an inviting alfresco retreat.

  • A couple's master bedroom becomes a luxurious retreat.

  • A global feel is brought to the living room of couple who loves to travel.

  • Owners of a hotel learns how to use hotel-chic style at home.

  • A frat-house bedroom needs an update.

  • Christopher designs a blended kitchen and family room.

  • Christopher helps a couple in adding style to a tall, narrow home.

  • Legendary jazz performer Jonathan Butler seeks help for his family room.

  • Christopher helps a couple get a master bedroom that pleases both sexes.

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