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Sell This House is a reality television show that follows homeowners who are having a difficult time selling their homes until a team of experts come in and revamp their homes to make them more appealing to buyers. The show is hosted by Tanya Memme and designed Roger Hazard. They place hidden cameras in the home during an open house and then use the feedback from potential homebuyers to design a plan that will target the home's areas of concern.

With a strict budget in mind, Roger Hazard instructs the homeowners with the best way to stage their home to make it more appealing and remedy the complaints heard in the hidden video footage. The renovations are usually limited to the most problematic two or three rooms. Over the span of a few days and with the help of family and friends, the house undergoes a makeover, typically involving new paint, a few minor cosmetic upgrades and a lot of decluttering.

After all the work is done, another open house is held for the same potential homebuyers that commented the first time, and their commentary is usually more positive the second time around.

Sell This House is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (159 episodes). The series first aired on December 2, 2020.

Sell This House is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sell This House on demand atPhilo, Hulu, A&E, FYI, FuboTV online.

10 Seasons, 159 Episodes
December 2, 2020
Home & Garden Reality
Cast: Tanya Memme, Roger Hazard
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Sell This House Full Episode Guide

  • Ready to downgrade to a smaller home, this Bucks County, PA homeowner, is in desperate need of help to get her house ready to sell! Tanya Memme and her team have their hands full though, as Arlene has twenty years of memories within these walls.

  • If you thought selling a home was hard, try selling it from 3,000 miles away! This Manayunk, PA beauty is proof positive: it's been on the market for a whopping 200 days!

  • This 100-year old Victorian home has been on the market for almost 240 days, and in red hot real estate market Jenkintown, PA, this stasis speaks volumes. The home looks just as tired and worn down in person as it does in its online photos. With only two days until the next open house, it is hoped that a smart kitchen update, new paint, and updated lighting can transform this one-time masterpiece into a modern abode that buyers are yearning for.

  • Tanya helps rescue a first responder and his wife who are selling their Pennsylvania digs and retiring cross-country; the problem is, the couple have already purchased their Pacific Northwest retirement home and are tapping into their nest egg.

  • After dozens of showings, a Texas home has struck out with buyers for over 90 days; the home lacks curb appeal, and the interior feels dated and dark; host Tanya Memme and her team must revitalize the property.

  • For over 160 days, buyers have passed by this beauty online and in person because of the boring beige walls, questionable personal touches throughout the home, and the confusing backyard.

  • Tanya heads to Austin, Texas, to see if she can unmask a problem home's hidden charm; online photos show a crisp and clean space, but in person, the house is a total mess, and has gotten zero offers after being on the market for 120 days.

  • Tanya Memme and her team set out to rescue a home that has been on the market for over 150 days without a buyer in site! The online photos show a crisp and clean home and yard.

  • Host Tanya Memme has her hands full trying to save a Texas home that has attracted interest online with its sweet and old-fashioned charm, but still has zero offers. So, what's holding buyers back from buying this charming bungalow?

  • Jerry and Deena March’s bungalow is one of the smallest houses in their neighborhood and the March family has definitely outgrown it! They’ve been trying to sell it for the last several months but nobody’s interested. It’s easy to understand why when you walk into their house… every inch of the place is cluttered and the master bedroom is very small. See how Design Expert Roger Hazard plans to make this entire place look seamless and bigger by incorporating just two colors

  • Roosters owls and dolphins! Oh my! That’s just some of the collections Les, Gordon, and Juan have cluttering up their home. Potential homebuyers are too distracted by all their stuff and hundreds of personal photos to see what a gorgeous house they really have. Once designer Roger Hazard gets these guys to pack up and store all their stuff, he’s able to showcases the size and function of the house. Roger hardly has to spend anything to turn this junk store into a desert oasis.

  • Heather O’Brien just purchased a new home to fix up for herself and two sons. The problem is her old house still needs a lot of work

  • Gary Lanz definitely has style; in fact you could say he’s down right groovy! This John Lennon impersonator has been trying to sell his house for months but, it is tiny, cluttered, and the kitchen floor looks like it belongs in a middle school cafeteria. Gary thinks all you need is love, but we think all he needs is a lesson in home staging. Designer Roger Hazard has a plan to update the kitchen, and most importantly, show potential buyers how functional a small home can be…especially for first time buyers.

  • Jean’s obsession of baskets has gone out of control. Step into her house and you’ll find baskets on the floor and baskets hanging from the ceiling. They’re everywhere! Jean and her longtime partner, Rocky, think the basket collection adds to the country-style charm of their home but potential buyers think it’s just downright bizarre. We’ll see how Designer Roger Hazard adds modern sophistication to Jean’s country taste. He’ll also show how wood paneling is back in style. Tanya Memme hosts.

  • Brenda and Jeremy had a fairy tale romance. The only problem in this newly wed couple’s world is their boring old house that’s been sitting on the market for months. When we say boring, we mean it! White walls, beige furniture, and a dining set from the 80’s. Well, there are a few remnants from the 80’s but, Designer Roger Hazard will take care of that. He’s got a plan to bring this house back to the present day, and add some drama at the same time. Tanya Memme hosts.

  • Mike and Danielle are engaged and want to start their life together in a bigger house. Their current house is nicknamed “man cave” and for good reason. Go into the living room and you’d think you were in a bar… it’s covered with sports memorabilia from wall to wall… Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots… you name it. Oh and did we mention the walls are painted green and there’s a pool table right in the middle of the room!

  • Jon and Ashley live on a horse ranch with their two small kids in the tiny town of Pine Bluffs. They think it’s a great place to raise some little cowpoke, but potential buyers disagree! It might have something to do with their home d cor… rodeo memorabilia decorate the already crowded living room and the basement is just used for storage. Designer Roger Hazard, with a little help from Pine Buffs High School Agriculture Club turns this place from old barn to modern chic. Tanya Memme hosts.

  • Cheryl owns an antique and collectables store, and she definitely brought work home with her. She owns a new construction home, but has it filled wall to wall with antiques. In fact there are so many antiques and trinkets; no one can even see all the beautiful architectural details. Designer Roger Hazard has a plan to make this house fly off the market. We’re drawing eyes away from Cheryl’s stuff and towards the beautiful hardwood floors, Wainscoting, and surprise, surprise…this house actually does have some square footage

  • When one first enters Greg and Amy’s house it’s akin to stepping into the jungle! Their overgrown solarium room is anything but relaxing

  • Randall bought his Miami Beach condo because of its charm and reflection of the nearby Historical Art Deco District. It’s within walking distance to the most happening place in Miami, but potential buyers can’t run away fast enough. Its Art Deco dated

  • Gigi’s house in one of the most desirable areas of Orange County, but she isn’t having any luck selling…and it doesn’t take the Sell This House team long to see why. She’s got so much furniture packed into such a tiny space, potential buyers only think about how crowded their furniture will feel. And that’s just on the first floor! The second floor is so outdated; it looks like a completely different house than downstairs. It’s Designer Roger Hazard to the rescue! He’s got a plan to bring the whole house together through color and furniture arrangement. Tanya Memme hosts.

  • Maria and Joe live in a private golf course community. Their back yard is literally a putting green… it’s a golfers dream! Other homes in this neighborhood are beautifully decorated and if you compare them to Maria and Joe’s place…well, there is no comparison because their house is white and beige which equals boring to potential home buyers. This place will prove to be a challenge for design expert Roger Hazard, as well as home owners Maria and Joe.

  • Tim and Andy were using their four bedroom downtown Palm Springs home as a bed a breakfast for the past few years. But once they decided to sell, they converted it back into a house. What wasn’t converted was the kitschy early 60’s theme they had going on… which included unfortunate colors, lots of antiques, and lots of clutter!

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