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In this nonfiction series, real estate speculators try to make money by buying bargain properties, fixing them up, and selling them for a profit. Debuting on A&E in 2005 during the peak of house-flipping mania on cable TV, the series was cancelled in 2009 in the depths of America's financial crisis.

Flip This House is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (76 episodes). The series first aired on July 24, 2005.

Flip This House is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flip This House on demand atPhilo, Hulu, A&E online.

5 Seasons, 76 Episodes
July 24, 2005
Cast: Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo, Richard C. Davis, Ginger Alexander
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Flip This House Full Episode Guide

  • J.D. attempts to woo the neighbors of one of CT Homes rental properties. Paul and Than help a hair dresser flip her business.

  • Rudy heads to Galveston, Texas, to help his aunt whose home was badly damaged in Hurricane Ike. Rudy agrees to repair the house and then flip it for his aunt.

  • For the last ten years, Armando Montelongo has been flipping houses in San Antonio, Texas, and building a real estate empire. Now, with the real estate market tanking, Armando has turned his attention to helping homeowners in trouble. He believes when it comes to money most people create their own bad luck. It’s Armando’s mission to set investor-wannabes straight and tackle one real estate nightmare at a time. In this episode, Armando travels to San Clemente, California, to help Tom and Deb Finnegan.

  • The team at CT Homes is moving to sunny California! Than is working hard to get his feet on the ground while getting to know the Southern California real estate market. The team is opening up a satellite office in San Diego where a crushing downturn in the housing market, followed by thousands of foreclosures, has created big opportunities for experienced flippers.

  • CT Homes heads to the nearby town of Hamden, CT for their next project. JD gets the lead on a “for sale by owner” Cape Cod-style single family home on Daniel Street. The elderly owner has moved to a retirement facility and his daughter is overwhelmed by the extensive repairs needed to get the house in shape to sell in a down market. Underneath the peeling paint, Than, Paul and JD see great potential in the property for a successful flip in a charming neighborhood.

  • One of Paul and Than's investor proteges gets them a deal on a 3,000-square-foot home in an upscale suburb; a quick flip turns into a serious challenge with the discovery of an outdated septic system and faulty plumbing.

  • Candice spots a promising property while cruising for deals in East Atlanta; Brian wants to add a second-story addition to the house.

  • Rudy and Carlos find a Spanish-style bungalow in LA’s Mount Washington neighborhood

  • Rudy buys a foreclosed house for $170,000; the house turns out to be a mixed blessing with a shoddy roof, a crooked foundation and a misplaced gas meter.

  • Rudy gets a hot tip from his realtor friend, Ralph - a completely gutted foreclosure in a desirable upper middle class enclave in Simi Valley. Ralph’s wife Natalie, a realtor herself with a flair for design, comes on board to help Rudy cater to suburban buyers and get the biggest return on his latest flip. Natalie has impeccable taste and Rudy is ready to listen until it becomes clear that the two have different views on the details: from the RV park Natalie believes is a must, to the glass pocket doors that Rudy wants as a sizzle feature.

  • The team runs into some unforeseen troubles when renovating a home in Hartford, Conn.

  • Peter makes an offer on a house without consulting Brian; a tree and roofing and siding issues add to a rising budget. Brian is left to come up with solutions to some potentially expensive problems.

  • Rudy’s latest flip is a cute starter home in LA’s Mount Washington neighborhood. It’s any easy renovation job, but marketing could pose a challenge. The house sits right on the border of an area that has, in the past, been plagued by crime. The neighborhood is on the upswing, but still struggles to overcome it’s rough reputation. Rudy pays cash for the house and predicts a 2 week flip

  • Than’s marketing prowess pays off when CT Homes is contacted about a new find. The owner of a 108 year old single family home on New Haven’s West Ivy Street is desperate to get rid of the house. After checking the property over, Than takes it off the owner’s hands convinced that after some paint and a new roof, CT Homes will stand to make a huge profit from this century-old charmer.

  • Peter has high hopes for the Foundation Investments’ newest find. A small house on Beechview Drive in southeast Atlanta is a short sale steal and Peter and Brian stand to make a big return on a modest investment. The team plans to tear down a badly built addition in the back of the house and turn it into a new master suite. Asbestos inside and out takes a massive chunk out of their once generous renovation budget.

  • Rudy’s latest find is a a two-family eyesore on a busy corner. The property doesn’t have much going for it - it's infested with pigeons and a homeless man has taken up residence there.

  • The newest challenge for the team at CT Homes is a short drive away from New Haven, in an up-and-coming neighborhood in the town of Waterbury. It is a gigantic 2-family rental that’s been a lucrative investment property for CT Homes, but Than decides the time is right to cash out. With the tenants all moved out, JD discovers one critical thing left behind

  • Veronica and Armando team up to help out family flippers. Vero’s sister Becky and brother-in-law Jordan need some advice on how to flip their home. Armando sold them the house just a few years earlier and hardly recognizes the place when he and Veronica visit

  • Brian and Peter are celebrating two years of flipping with Foundations Investments by starting a new flip on Atlanta’s west side. The property on Palatine Avenue is a major renovation project and in order to secure the large budget it will take to flip it, Peter and Brian have to recruit outside lenders. A flip of this size comes with more than its share of problems as Peter and Brian discover. Difficulties finding a contractor they can afford and inaccurate blueprints are just the tip of this flip-berg. With lenders watching their every move, this could prove to be Peter and Brian’s most challenging flip yet.

  • It's Lori's turn to shine with her new find for CT Homes--a house in shambles with a potentially lucrative side lot. The two-family home is a few blocks away from the VA Hospital and Lori and Than hope that this prime location for renters will attract a buyer looking to rent out the second unit. Based on the numbers, they close the deal without ever seeing the inside of the house--the rest is up to Paul and JD. On first inspection, Paul hates the place and predicts endless problems. He just may be proved right by permit delays, roof damage, and potentially hazardous mold that might cost a fortune to remove.

  • Veronica deals with an all-male crew on a problematic flip while Armando is away.

  • Peter and Brian take on the challenge of flipping a high-end home that previous flippers abandoned.

  • New Haven, Conn. is the site of this run down, colonial home in which was purchased. Renovations hit a snag when they discover the only water supply is an old well.

  • Having only broken even on his last flip, Peter shows off his new property which is near his own home. but the team has its doubts due to termite damage.

  • A flipping competition between Armando and Veronica takes place in which the loser must dye their hair blonde. But both will hit a snag when it comes to old and a flooded garage.

  • Squatters occupy a home in which was purchased before going into foreclosure, and have wrecked the home and removed it's copper piping. Later, a storm halts the renovation, and a burglar has removed all the new bathroom fixtures.

  • An Atlanta home is losing money due to overspending on its purchase and delays in remodeling and getting on the market. The flip is threatened when structural damage is discovered.

  • Armando puts Brent in charge of the newest Montelongo flip. This time it's one of Armando's many rental properties that he now wants to flip and sell. The previous tenants left a mess behind and it's Brent's job to turn it around. As usual, there are tight budget restrictions but this time Armando has added a twist. If Brent comes in under budget he gets a bonus, but if he goes over, he loses $500 of his paycheck. It's time to see the budget through the investor's eyes and Brent's going to get a taste of flipping when it's his money that's on the line.

  • Armando flips a home in a low-income neighborhood.