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Gene Simmons was the co-founder, of a popular band named KISS. He performed hard rock music, with his band for many years, and they were well-known for their hard rock lifestyles. The band was a one of the largest rock n roll bands in America. Members of the band wore heavy face makeup, and dark clothing. KISS memorabilia is still sold to this day.

Simmons is still in the spot light today. However, it's not so much for his rock n roll antics, but for his reality television show. The show Gene Simmons Family Jewels is in its 7th season, an incredible feat in reality television. The television show revolves around Gene's family life. The cast includes his wife Shannon, daughter Sophie, and son Nick. Gene and Shannon have been a couple for many years; however they recently took their relationship a step further and got married.

The show is interesting, because in some ways the family is incredibly normal, but at other times they seem a bit dysfunctional. In this season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Gene's wife Shannon would like to adopt a child, but the rest of the family is not willing to entertain the idea. Furthermore, the possibility of a new child coming into the house has caused friction, in Shannon's relationship with her daughter Sophie.

During the show, you can tell that Gene wants to be a better father and husband, but he struggles with his old rock star ways. Consequently, Nick is starting to show signs of choosing the same hard lifestyle as his father.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is an entertaining and interesting show to watch. It is full of comedy, drama, and action. If you like reality television shows, Gene Simmons family jewels is worth watching.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
8 Seasons, 142 Episodes
August 7, 2006
Cast: Shannon Tweed, Nick Simmons, Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons
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Gene Simmons Family Jewels Full Episode Guide

  • While on tour in South America, Gene is busy playing Rock God and trying to withstand the temptation of groupies.

  • When Gene surprises Shannon with news of a tour, Shannon feels insecure about Rock Star Gene's ability to stay faithful. Meanwhile, Nick's womanizing ways has Shannon worried that he's following his father's example.

  • After volunteering at the VA Hospital, Shannon decides to pose for a Pinup to raise funds for the veterans. Gene also participates in a charity concert for the Rock 4 Vets program.

  • Gene and Shannon disagree on whether they should adopt a child.

  • Shannon plans a rewarding surprise when she takes Gene to meet the children in Africa whom he sponsors; Tracy anticipates in vitro fertilization.

  • Shannon uses their African honeymoon to refocus Gene's thoughts on adoption. While he is becoming one with nature she tells him their real mission.

  • Gene tries to get Shannon's mind away from the adoption process by suggesting a belated honeymoon.

  • Sophie doesn't show up for an adoption meeting and Shannon is really upset.

  • Shannon is concerned the family will intentionally ruin her adoption plans during her interview with the agency.

  • With Gene's past hopefully behind them, Gene and Shannon move the Tweed-Simmons clan to phase two which includes putting their adoption plan back into motion and ensuring Nick has a plan for his future.

  • After Sophie's and Nick's strong objection to adoption, Shannon suspects Gene is feeling the same way. She decides to arrange for Gene to meet happy families that have adopted. Meanwhile, cut off Nick searches for a place to live.

  • The honeymoon is definitely over in the seventh season premiere when Shannon suggests adopting a child. Things get tense when Gene disagrees.

  • Gene and Shannon travel to Montreal for the "M for Montreal" Music Festival. While Gene scouts new talent, Shannon hangs out with The Envy (the first band Simmons Records signed.)

  • The Newlyweds are put to the test as they tour South America. While Gene is busy playing Rock God, surrounded by the temptation of groupies, Shannon grows tired of babysitting him. Can their marriage survive the Rock Star lifestyle?

  • When Gene surprises Shannon with news of a new tour, Shannon starts to question if Rock Star Gene can stay true to their marriage vows. Meanwhile, Nick's womanizing ways has Shannon worried that he's turning into his father.

  • Upon their return from Africa, Gene and Shannon finally come to blows over the adoption issue. When the moment of truth comes Shannon must decide if she will chose her family or adoption.

  • Gene and Shannon reflect on their wedding day and the events leading up to it.

  • With the wedding day looming, there are still pre-wedding events that need to happen including the bachelor and bachelorette parties and the writing of vows. As the stress starts to mount, someone gets cold feet.

  • Shannon and Gene become business partners and they go on a business trip to Cannes.

  • Shannon tells the story of surprising Gene the night before the wedding in his hotel room while wearing lingerie. But, she knocked on the wrong door and it wasn't his room.

  • Shannon decides that the whole family needs to get healthier and has them all go organic after Gene is rushed to the hospital with a medical scare. Shannon cleans the house of all toxins and starts to plan their wedding while Gene decides he needs to plan for their afterlife.

  • Tracy plans the entire wedding as a gift to Shannon and Gene. However, Tracy's ideas get out of control and Shannon decides to secretly hire a wedding planner. Gene thinks he's cured since he's going to get married and decides to stop going to therapy.

  • The newly engaged couple heads back to Los Angeles to a surprise engagement party. They immediately feel the pressure to plan a wedding, but with all of Gene's KISS commitments, when will it all happen?

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A Kiss from Kiss: Watch Gene Simmons Get Married to Shannon Tweed

Gene Simmons is a lot of things. A rock and roll legend? Sure. A man who possesses a ridiculously long tongue? Indeed. A reality TV star? Also true. But marriage material? Watch Kiss frontman Gene Simmons marry longtime partner Shannon Tweed in a clip from "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels."

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