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WWII in HD is an American documentary about World War II. It is a television miniseries focusing on the experiences of American service members during the war. There are twelve members collectively, each with their own unique and equally sad story to tell. These members include an Army nurse, a man from the Tuskegee Airmen, an Austrian Jewish immigrant, and another interesting character, a prisoner of war who also happened to be a second generation Japanese American. The show incorporates footage from the battlefields as well, helping to illustrate the experiences that viewers cannot readily imagine accurately. The show incorporates special, never before seen color footage of various events, such as Okinawa, Battle of the Bulge, the invasion of France, D-Day, invasions of Germany, and other historical events.

WWII in HD is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on November 13, 2010.

Where do I stream WWII in HD online? WWII in HD is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch WWII in HD on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
November 13, 2010
Documentary & Biography, Military & War
Cast: Gary Sinise, Justin Bartha, Rob Lowe, Tim DeKay, Ron Livingston
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WWII in HD Full Episode Guide

  • Rare footage of the Allied forces' D-Day invasion of Nazi-held Europe is rendered in high definition alongside interviews with Allied and German survivors recounting their first-hand experiences on that fateful day.

  • Although largely forgotten by history, nearly 2,000 African Americans were among the troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy. For the first time ever, seven of these forgotten heroes tell their stories.

  • During World War II, the USS Enterprise and sister aircraft carriers Yorktown and Hornet turn the tide of the war in the Pacific to defeat the Japanese navy.

  • November 1942. USS Enterprise is the only battle-ready American carrier left in the Pacific, and she and her crew are all that stand in the way of the Japanese when the Imperial Navy tries to retake Guadalcanal.

  • While the allies storm France, American forces hit Saipan in the Marianas Island. The USS Enterprise supports one of the largest and deadliest battles of the Pacific War.

  • On November 20, 1943, one of the most ferocious battles in U.S. history began. Cutting-edge techniques, archive film, reenactments, and interviews with survivors tell the story of this overlooked World War II battle.

  • In 1942, nder extraordinary secrecy, the U.S. government brings top scientists together to work on the Manhattan Project. Three years of technological advancements explode over Hiroshima.

  • The untold story of the American 8th Air Force's bloody battle to defeat the German Luftwaffe in the months leading up to D-Day.

  • With the end in sight, Okinawa is a bloody obstacle to victory. The third Reich ends with a single gunshot. America delivers the final blow to Japan and the world celebrates the fall of the Axis.

  • The Battle of the Bulge pushes the Allies to the brink, and Rockie Blunt barely survives the fight. Okinawa erupts as the Japanese make their last stand. Hitler is handed a final ultimatum

  • The Marine assault on Iwo Jima brings horror and glory. Pilot Bert Stiles engages a German fighter with disastrous consequences. Reinforcements arrive in Europe to push the Allies toward victory.

  • American forces storm the Philippines while Shelby Westbrook is shot down over Europe. Jack Yusen battles the dangers of the deep when his ship is sunk after a heroic duel.

  • The Allies race toward Germany as American Marines battle for ground on Peleliu and across the bloody Pacific

  • The Allies are bogged down in Normandy's hedgerows in the aftermath of D-Day, while on Saipan, victory turns to horror.

  • The Allies lay plans for the invasion of France; Bert Stiles and the 8th Air Force attempt to clear the skies over Normandy, while the Pacific remains a quagmire. D-Day arrives.

  • The Marines assault Tarawa in one of the bloodiest battles yet waged. MacArthur island-hops and Italy's front lines claim a casualty.

  • The Allies take on the daunting forces of the Axis, with victory far from certain. Charles Scheffel battles Rommel's forces in Tunisia and Jack Werner faces bitter combat in the northern Pacific.

  • As Europe falls under Nazi control, America is unprepared for war and the attack on Pearl Harbor. The first bloody battles are fought on Guadalcanal and in North Africa.

  • The untold story of the American 8th Air Force's battle leading up to D-Day.

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