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Yi San was a show that aired in 2007 on MBC during the days of Monday and Tuesday of each week. It is a South Korean show that was produced by Lee Byeong Hoon. The show was very successful and won a couple of awards. These awards included the Top Excellence Acting Award and Best Actress. This show was also nominated as Best Drama as well. During the show's syndication, it led in both ratings and quality content. Yi San performed better than another acclaimed historical drama known as the King and I. The show led in ratings by consistently maintaining 1st, 2nd,and 3rd place as well.

The show Yi San is about the life of the Korean king known as King Jeonigio. He was the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. The king Jeonigio is best known in the nation's history for being the most sympathetic towards the struggles and misfortune of the common man. Despite a royal upbringing he understood what the common people were experiencing and therefore was considerate of their livelihood.

In the beginning of the show, the early years of the king are covered. Jeongio becomes friends with two children who work in the palace. However they are later banned from working in the palace by King Yeongio who is Jeongios grandfather. Due to fears of Crown Prince Sado planning a coup and overthrow, Yeongio locks him in a storage chest. However Jeongio and his friends beg Yeongio for forgiveness and attempt to get Sado out to preserve his life.

After this part of the show then shifts its focus to the adult years of Jeongio. During this time, Jeongio establishes contact with his friends again. However Jeongio's status as Crown Prince and King are threatened at the same time. Jeongio also falls in love with one of his childhood friends. The person he falls in love with is Sung Song Yeon who was once an artist for the palace. After this situation, the show then begins to reveal the rise to power of Yi San including his time as king and also the palace intrigues that he ahs to constantly thwart. The events of the show are based on contemporary sources of the Joseon Dynasty.

1 Season, 77 Episodes
April 21, 2009
Korean Drama
Cast: Ji-min Han
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