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Yi San was a show that aired in 2007 on MBC during the days of Monday and Tuesday of each week. It is a South Korean show that was produced by Lee Byeong Hoon. The show was very successful and won a couple of awards. These awards included the Top Excellence Acting Award and Best Actress. This show was also nominated as Best Drama as well. During the show's syndication, it led in both ratings and quality content. Yi San performed better than another acclaimed historical drama known as the King and I. The show led in ratings by consistently maintaining 1st, 2nd,and 3rd place as well.

The show Yi San is about the life of the Korean king known as King Jeonigio. He was the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. The king Jeonigio is best known in the nation's history for being the most sympathetic towards the struggles and misfortune of the common man. Despite a royal upbringing he understood what the common people were experiencing and therefore was considerate of their livelihood.

In the beginning of the show, the early years of the king are covered. Jeongio becomes friends with two children who work in the palace. However they are later banned from working in the palace by King Yeongio who is Jeongios grandfather. Due to fears of Crown Prince Sado planning a coup and overthrow, Yeongio locks him in a storage chest. However Jeongio and his friends beg Yeongio for forgiveness and attempt to get Sado out to preserve his life.

After this part of the show then shifts its focus to the adult years of Jeongio. During this time, Jeongio establishes contact with his friends again. However Jeongio's status as Crown Prince and King are threatened at the same time. Jeongio also falls in love with one of his childhood friends. The person he falls in love with is Sung Song Yeon who was once an artist for the palace. After this situation, the show then begins to reveal the rise to power of Yi San including his time as king and also the palace intrigues that he ahs to constantly thwart. The events of the show are based on contemporary sources of the Joseon Dynasty.

1 Season, 77 Episodes
September 17, 2007
Cast: Lee Seo-jin, Lee Soon-jae
Yi San

Yi San Full Episode Guide

  • Time has moved on and the current year is 1800. Dae Soo is now at the rank of general and Yi San takes in a military themed event before passing out.

  • Dae Soo and Seo Jang Bo discover Choi Seok Joo's plans to attack during training. Seok Ki immediately stops the current night training session with a loud shot from his gun.

  • Jang Yong Young soldiers stop Choi Seok Joo and Min Joo Shik's attempt to kill Yi San. Choi Seok Joo reveals his true plan about the capture of Min Joo Shik.

  • Yi San sends Dae Soo on a mission to bring back medical assistance. Song Yeon wants to complete a special painting and urges Yi San to take care of anything that comes his way.

  • Doctors tirelessly work to save Hyang's life as he suffers from a serious illness. Holding her son's lifeless body, the tearful Song Yeon goes into mourning over the untimely death.

  • San chooses Suwon to be the capital instead of Hanyang. A shocked Hye Bin discovers that Hyang's ring was a gift from King Young Jo to Song Yeon before his death.

  • Empress Jung Soon shows concern about Yi San's special graveside service. Song Yeon is several days past her intended due date and royal doctors believe it may be because of the baby's health.

  • Sang Yeon and Yi San try to understand the true meaning behind Tae Gam's gift. Worries about military plans lead Yi San to send troops towards the current location of Chinese soldiers.

  • Jang Tae Woo confronts Jung Yak Yong about his association with the king. A chance meeting occurs between Yi San and Tae Gam after Jung Yak Yong provides the necessary papers.

  • Yi San asks a dying Hong Guk Young to accept his apology. Song Yeon stands up for herself in the presence of Queen Hyo Eui, Princess Hye Bin and Princess Hwa Bin.

  • A mob of angry people attack Hong Guk Young as he leaves to begin his banishment. Princess Hye Bin encourages Yi San to visit Princess Hwa Bin instead of Song Yeon.

  • Dae Soo discovers Lady Choi as she tries to leave and Suk Wie initiates a confrontation. In the presence of Nam Sa Cho, Yi San learns information about Hong Guk Young's role in current events.

  • Hong Guk Young receives an ultimatum from Queen Hyo Eui to admit his involvement with Empress Jung Soon. Song Yeon becomes ill while on an excursion to the royal burial place.

  • An invitation from Queen Hyo Eui to Chobi improves the mood of a grateful Song Yeon. The poor conditions of Hong Guk Young's prisoners visibly upsets Yi San during a visit.

  • Yi San pays attention to Princess Hye Bin's cruel treatment of Song Yeon. Hong Guk Young takes Jang Tae Woo into custody and orders the arrest of anyone else in the room.

  • News reaches Princess Hye Bin about Song Yeon paying a visit to Yi San's quarters. Hong Guk Young reveals to Eun Eon that the name of his son will be Wanpoong.

  • Song Yeon speaks to Yi San in an emotional meeting before she goes to jail. Yi San expresses his concern about the rebel's recent apprehension with the large armament at their disposal.

  • Yi San considers Hong Guk-young’s request to have Eun-eon adopted by Won-bin. Song-yeon discovers Wook is alive. Wook saved Song-yeon. Hong Guk-young captures Song-yeon’s neighborhood and asks her the location of Wook.

  • Won-bin becomes fatally ill and dies with Hong Guk-young at her bedside. Hong Guk-young confronts Queen Hyo-eui and asks for an explanation for Won-bin's death. Hong Guk-young feels Won-bin was harshly punished.

  • Hong-Guk-young orders Won-bin to fake a miscarriage after she lied about a pregnancy. Princess Hye-bin faints. Hong Guk-young worries his family faces dishonor if Won-bin’s lie is discovered.

  • After the discovery of his innocence, Hong Guk Young leaves prison to begin an investigation. Woo Bin quickly strikes Song Yeon for painting the Lotus Flower on her commissioned screen.

  • The murders of Minister Min, Minister Hyung Jo, and Gong Jo draw attention to Hong Guk Young. Queen Hyo Eui is upset after discovering Woo Bin invited Song Yeon to the palace.

  • Hong Guk Young makes a decision that angers Noron officials and leads Yi San to request his absence from upcoming events. Princess Hye Bin asks Song Yeon a question concerning Yi San but is interrupted by Queen Hyo Eui.

  • A group on Noron leaders are in front of the King's palace on their knees. Yi San sees this a says that they might be too late. Yi San also wonders why the leader, Jang Tae-woo isn't in their knees too. Jang Tae-woo looks like he doesn't appreciate the concern. Later, Yi San gets excited to see Song-yeon and as they meet, Jang Tae-woo tries to enter the palace. Song-yeon falls asleep in Yi San's o

  • There is an epidemic in the kingdom. Clerics are meeting with Yi San who called the meeting. During the meeting, Jang Tae-woo gives Yi San some startling advice. On the other hand, Jang Tae-woo's real thoughts about Yi San are revealed. Later, Hong Guk-young makes plans for a sister to come to the palace but Queen Hyo-eui has other plans.

  • Queen Hyo-eui proposed that Song-yeon go back to the palace. Song-yeon ponders the suggestion for a long time. She is also amazed at the fact that Dae-soo has finally told her how he feels about her and she can't hide her feelings.

  • The palace army has began fighting each other to prove their worth to the king. However, the kings top guards were left out of the loop because the king no longer trusts them. The king sends his majesty to find men who are trustworthy enough to protect the palace and him.

  • The town has shut down after criminals are beheaded when charged with treason. As Mak Soon arrives, she is quickly whisked upfront to see the beheading. However, the king has delayed the beheading. Townspeople from all over have arrived to protest the beheading. This puts the king in an awkward position.

  • Prince Yi San wants to interrogate rebels about their failed coup. Palace guards capture Jung Hoo-gyeom and Princess Hwa-wan at the border. Empress Jung-soo faces interrogation by Hong Guk-young.

  • King Young-jo collapses after giving a ring to Song-yeon for drawing Prince Sado’s portrait. The king sends a letter to Yi San, expressing remorse about his behavior and asking for forgiveness.

  • Princess Hye-bin thanks Song-yeon and Queen Hyo-eui visits Yi San at the shooting range. Prince Yi San visits an upset Empress Jung. Her war crimes are a secret but she still faces punishment.

  • King Young-jo wants strict punishments for the rebellious Noron Faction. Yi San wants to administer the punishments. Minister Choi Seok-ju wants additional punishments to keep the king’s health a secret.

  • A stunning historical epic chronicling the life of one of Korea's greatest rulers, Yi San was the most watched drama over the length of its entire 77 episodes.

  • King Young-jo makes plans for Yi San’s succession to the throne. When Empress Jung-soon learns of the king’s intentions, she tells followers about the need for Yi San to die.

  • King Young-jo’s dementia gets worse. Hong Guk-young inspects the king’s medicine. A mysterious painting for the king is inspected for clues by Nam Sa-cho and Song-yeon.

  • Princess Hwa-wan holds a Noron Faction meeting but is shocked to see Empress Jung-soon in attendance. She is escorted out of the meeting. King Young-jo is still ill.

  • Princess Hwa-wan arranges for a failed assassination attempt of Minister Choi Seok-joo because he agrees with Yi San. Song-Yeon went to China because she was banished from the palace.

  • Yi San negotiates with Minister Choi Seok-joo to stop the fighting. He asks what the minister wants to do to end the conflict. King Young-jo may be experiencing dementia.

  • Yi San hurries to catch his lover before she departs for the Ministry of Culture. Later, the King's mother makes a troubling request. Yi San plans a trip to Oh Nyang while treachery brews within a scheming cabal. The prince's royal guard meets a challenging foe.

  • The highness summons Song Yeon to the castle to question her about the prince. However, she is leery about giving out information. After refusing to answer questions, the highness threatens Song with lashes from the cane. She warns Song to stay away from the prince. Song finds herself choosing between love and death.

  • Princess Hwa-wan wants to put Jung Hoo-gyeom on the throne in place of Empress Jung-soon. Princess Hye-bin finds out her son, Yi San, has been out drinking with friends.

  • Hong Guk-young plots to trap Jung Hoo-gyeom through a well-crafted message. Jung Hoo-gyeom receives the message and passes it on to some men hiding out in the mountains. The Prince’s bodyguards surrounded the men and flushed them out into the open. Later, Jung Hoo-gyeom contacts Hong Guk-young and pleads for his life and informs Hong Guk-young of a bigger, more sinister plan in the works.

  • Yi San is informed that Lord Kim Gui Joo is missing. The prince asks Yi San if he had anything to do with it. However, he denies any involvement. Yi San asks his followers to cover up the disappearance of Lord Kim. He fights to keep his deadly secret away from the prince.

  • After searching for Dae Soo in Eugeumboo, Song Yeon goes to Yi San with her concern about his whereabouts. Dae Soo tries to understand more about his kidnappers and their current location.

  • Yi San pays attention to a shooting exhibition during the Naryehee Festival. Hong Guk Young has concerns about a possible murder attempt but his message for Yi San reaches Kim Gwi Joo.

  • Ignoring Choi Seok Joo's worries, Empress Jung Soon goes forward with her fireworks scheme. Hong Guk Young feels that something is wrong with the upcoming Naryehee Festival and requests more information.

  • An old man tells Dae-soo that his life is in danger. His dream involved screaming coming from a fire with many people there watching. Dae-soo next tells Hong Guk-young about the old man's vision. Later, Hong Guk-young is alarmed when he learns that minister Lee is organizing a festival that will have bonfires and fireworks.

  • Hong Guk Young asks to be removed from his current position and Yi San reluctantly obliges. An angry Princess Hwa Wan receives unwelcome news from Jung Hoo Gyeom about Kim Gwi Joo.

  • Park Young Moon has concerns about Song Yeon's request to teach painting techniques. In order to further his own cause, Jung Hoo Gyeom destroys something meant for Han Seong Boo.

  • Yi San is now in charge of looking after the kingdom and working with its officials on important matters. Hong In Han receives encouragement from Choi Seok Joo to start a friendship.

  • Opponents to the prince attempt to stage a coup by returning the ailing King to the palace. The empress wants to know why Yi San is unhappy to see the king.

  • An unknown illness strikes King Young Jo while away from the palace. Empress Jung Soon sends word that Yi San should be killed if King Young Jo fails to survive the sickness.

  • Princess Hye Bin commissions Song Yeon to work on a special project for Queen Hyo Eui. San makes a surprise visit to Queen Hyo Eui while Song Yeon is there.

  • Princess Hye Bin presents an unique item to Princess Hwa Wan. A member of the royal court gives Queen Hyo Eui information about Song Yeon's encounter with Jung Hoo Gyeom.

  • Yi San must balance his emotions as he discovers information about Princess Hwa-wan. King Young Jo is shocked to learn that someone close to him is involved in the murder plot.

  • A surprised Yi San discovers that Han Joon Ho is responsible for the plans against him. Dae Soo leads San and Nam Sa Cho to the vacant area where training occurred for a possible assassination.

  • Yi San disobeys orders to obtain information and ends the prisoner interrogation techniques. Hong Guk Young and Dae Soo find evidence that San is innocent of trying to overthrow King Young Jo.

  • The East Palace experiences a brutal attack that leads to the death of some palace guards. King Young Jo gives Yi San the difficult task of questioning prisoners for information about the event.

  • King Young Jo presents a demonstration about how the forgery could have occurred. Dae Soo plans on taking the entrance test to join the military and become Song Yeon's guard.

  • Yi San learns his signature is being forged and uses the help of artists to discover the forger's identity. A terrified Song Yeon tries to alert Lee Chun to her whereabouts.

  • After assisting Queen Hyo Eui with a task, Song Yeon is kidnapped. Dae Soo attempts a dangerous rescue mission while Yi San orders soldiers to save the captive Song Yeon from Gakjung criminals.

  • Song Yeon must prove to Wang Yu that she is a skillful painter. Dae Soo's theft causes problems for the important meeting between Yi San and representatives from the Ching Dynasty.

  • A familiar dead body leads Yi San to information about who is behind the attempts on his life. Song Yeon, with the assistance of Park Young Moon, confronts false accusations of theft.

  • Yi San survives an attempt on his life by an unknown man but the potential murderer commits suicide. Princess Hwa Wan talks to her father then meets with Choi Seok Ju.

  • The discovery of weapons at the East Palace causes King Young Jo to seek information about those around him. Yi San continues his attempt to prove the innocence of Crown Prince Sado.

  • Using the painting, Yi San's plan to save the life of his father is ignored by an angry King Young Jo. Devastating news concerning the death of Crown Prince Sado reaches Yi San.

  • Crown Prince Sado's son, Yi San, works to save his father as well as Dae Soo with the discovery of a painting. Song Yeon decides to help the dangerous rescue attempt.

  • King Young Jo commences a brutal torture for the Crown Prince Sado. A new addition to the royal court, Song Yeon, runs into Dae Soo as he attempts to escape.