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  • TV-PG
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (32)

You Can't Turn That Into a House is a reality television show that follows brothers Taimoor and Rehan Nana, along with their friend Kyle Davis, as they venture across the rural areas of Missouri in search of unconventional homes to transform. The show first premiered on FYI in January of 2017 and was an instant hit.

The premise of the show is simple, yet exciting: the trio scour the countryside of Missouri looking for unused or overlooked structures that they can repurpose into unique homes. Everything from grain silos, old barns, and even discarded shipping containers are fair game for the team's creative vision.

Once they've located a potential structure, the team has only eight weeks to convert the space into a livable home. Along the way, the challenges are many. The group must overcome issues like construction setbacks, unexpected building codes, and unique design challenges that come with working in non-traditional spaces.

Each episode follows the team as they work through the building process, showcasing the sheer ingenuity and creativity that goes into making unconventional spaces livable. While the team members all have their unique skillsets, Kyle Davis, the group's contractor, is often the backbone behind much of the physical labor of the transformations.

The show often features beautiful shots of the Missouri countryside, as the camera crew captures stunning panoramic views of the locations that the team is working on. The stark contrast between the raw, rugged, and natural landscape of Missouri and the sleek, modern, and immaculate designs of the new homes is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

One of the highlights of each episode is watching Taimoor, Rehan, and Kyle unlock the often-hidden potential of each building. The group has an incredible eye for design and they use their talents to create beautiful, modern, and practical homes out of structures that most would consider to be unsalvageable.

Their attention to detail is extraordinary; no space is too small or too complicated for the team to transform. They often source their materials from unconventional places, like thrift shops or scrap yards, which gives each of their conversions a unique character and charm.

In addition to showcasing the team's building skills and creativity, You Can't Turn That Into a House also gives viewers a glimpse into their unique personalities. Taimoor and Rehan, who are identical twins, bring a level of humor and energy to the show that is infectious. Kyle, who is also an accomplished musician, often breaks out his guitar and provides background music for the building process.

Ultimately, You Can't Turn That Into a House is an incredibly engaging and inspirational show. The team succeeds in proving that with the right mindset and approach, anything can be transformed into something beautiful and functional.

Viewers walk away from each episode with a new sense of appreciation for the thrifty and resourceful spirit of those who look beyond the obvious, and seek hidden potential in what many might see as a lost cause. The show is an incredible blend of reality television, architecture, and design and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a fresh take on the home renovation genre.

You Can't Turn That Into a House is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 15, 2017.

You Can't Turn That Into a House
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Mobile Cottage
14. Mobile Cottage
October 7, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan attempt to convert an old school bus into a mobile cottage for adventuring couple, Jared and Jen. Will the wheels fall off their design plans, leaving the family stranded? Or will the team roll out an incredible, journey-ready ride, proving everyone wrong who says, "You Can't Turn That Into A House!"?
Detached Garage
13. Detached Garage
September 30, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan head into the city to convert a junked, 80s garage into a cozy, mid-century escape for visiting grandparents.
Round Stone House
12. Round Stone House
September 23, 2017
Taimoor and Rehan roll into Platte City, Missouri with a mission to convert a dilapidated round house into a sumptuous French-farmhouse style summer home.
Chicken Coop
11. Chicken Coop
September 16, 2017
Taimoor and Rehan try and convert a grungy chicken coop into a minimalist mansion.
Semi Trailer
10. Semi Trailer
September 9, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan put the pedal to the metal as they try to transform a salvaged semi-trailer into a slick bachelor pad.
Horse Trailer
9. Horse Trailer
September 2, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan have to rein in their frustrations as they attempt to transform a mini-horse trailer into a glorious guesthouse for Grandma.
In-Law Grain Bins
7. In-Law Grain Bins
August 26, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan take on the riskiest build of their careers as they attempt to convert two massive grain bins for contractor Kyle's picky in-laws.
The Dumpster
6. The Dumpster
August 19, 2017
Taimoor and Rehan take on their smelliest job as they attempt to transform a rusty old dumpster into a chic musicians' sanctuary.
Carnival Trucks
5. Carnival Trucks
August 12, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan attempt to transform a family's historic carnival trailer into a modern, grandma-friendly guesthouse.
Dairy Trucks
4. Dairy Trucks
August 5, 2017
Taimoor and Rehan find themselves in a sour spot as they attempt to convert two decrepit dairy trucks into a retreat.
School Buses
3. School Buses
July 29, 2017
Brothers Rehan and Taimoor saddle up on a bucking bull ranch in Cypress, Texas to try and transform two busted school buses into a dream home for Will and Tana. Will a tight budget and high expectations cause them to flunk out, or will they prove everyone wrong who says, "You Can't Turn a School Bus Into a House!"?
Bison Shed
2. Bison Shed
July 22, 2017
Brothers Taimoor and Rehan find themselves in a hairy situation as they attempt to merge an old bison shed and a disused shipping container into one trendy two-story hangout for two teenage daughters. The house must be complete in time for one of the girls' birthdays, but have they bit off more cud than they can chew? Or will this serve as the perfect present, proving everyone wrong who says, "You Can't Turn a Bison Shed Into a House!"?
Industrial Storage Tank
1. Industrial Storage Tank
July 15, 2017
Brothers Rehan and Taimoor renovate up a storm in Tornado Alley attempting to convert a rusty metal storage tank into a luxury country getaway. Will miscalculated measurements, abrupt additions and mounds of mud totally tank their plans? Or will they prove everyone wrong who says "You can't turn a storage tank into a house!"?
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  • Premiere Date
    July 15, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (32)