Your Worst Animal Nightmares

An Animal Planet show, which aired on The Discovery Channel,

Animal Planet
1 Season, 10 Episodes
May 27, 2009
Cast: John Panzarella, Craig Franklin, Ian Gordon
Your Worst Animal Nightmares

Your Worst Animal Nightmares Full Episode Guide

  • Tourists in Australia had no idea that they are swimming with crocodiles.

  • A great white shark pulls a fisherman into the ocean.

  • Find out all about the kayaker in New Zealand. His mates call him Shark Bait, Paul Morris of Dive Planet. Links to Animal Planet. This is a mind blowing website where you can read about his attack to prime yourself for the Shark Bait Episode on Animal Planet.

  • Coming Soon.

  • Four young teenagers are silently stalked by a Great White Shark.

  • In order to save her family, a 60 year old grandmother jumps on the back of a hungry crocodile.

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