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Zigby is a zebra who is always getting into mischief. He lives in his very own treehouse in the jungle. His best friends are a meerkat and a guinea fowl. This animated series is based off of a popular picture book series written by Brian Paterson. ZIGBY is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2009.

Where do I stream ZIGBY online? ZIGBY is available for streaming on ABC1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch ZIGBY on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 1, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Katherine Beck, Jamie Croft, Michelle Doake, Brian Drummond
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ZIGBY Full Episode Guide

  • Zigby builds a wall around his vegetable patch, but is horrified to find that vegetables are being eaten every night. He enlists McMeer and Bertie and they go to greater and greater lengths to protect the veggie patch from the 'veggie gobbler, but without success. Finally they keep watch, only to discover that the veggies are being eaten by a friendly tortoise that Zigby had mistaken for a rock.

  • Inspired by a yummy meal prepared by McMeer, Zigby helps him open a restaurant. It's a great success, as everyone loves the gourmet treats that Chef McMeer turns out. But McMeer stays up all night making new recipes, and is too sleepy to cook. Zigby and Bertie try to help, but things quickly descend into chaos until they enlist Vicky and Celeen to save the day.

  • Zigby can't get to sleep because a tap in his kitchen keeps dripping. He wakes Bertie, but can't sleep there, nor can he sleep at McMeer's house. By now half the island is awake while Zigby and his friends look for somewhere to sleep. The three friends end up back at Zigby's house with the dripping tap, and Zigby has an inspiration about how to turn an annoying drip into a soothing lullaby.

  • Zigby starts a fix-it service and becomes so busy fixing things that he breaks a promise to play Oogley-Boogley with Zara and Laurence. Because in Zigby's absence the play gets a little out of hand, and many things get broken - it makes Zigby even busier fixing them. Eventually Zigby realizes the most important thing that was broken was his promise to play with Laurence and Zara.

  • Laurence has run out of stories so Zigby decides to write one for him. To find inspiration he observes all his friends but, desperate to get into the story, they all act like characters in well-known stories. Zigby decides to make the best of it, and manages to write a marvelous comedy involving them all.

  • Zigby accidentally loses McMeer's faithful hat, and McMeer just doesn't feel himself without it, and doesn't even want to play with his friends. His friends make him a new hat, but it doesn't smell quite right. Zigby manages to track down.

  • Zigby starts a mail service on the island but soon becomes swamped by the amount of letters and parcels he has to deliver. Helped by McMeer and Bertie, he just about copes, but trouble escalates when the rain washes the addresses off the mail. Zigby realizes all the island friends miss seeing each other face to face, and enlists their help to deliver their letters to each other.

  • Bertie has forgotten that it's his birthday. Zigby decides to organize a secret surprise birthday party for him, but Bertie can't understand why all his friends are too busy to play with him. They are all having a lot of fun secretly preparing the surprise party, but their behavior does seem very odd to Bertie. Bertie finally tracks them down and is surprised and delighted by his birthday party.

  • Everyone has seen a lucky shooting star except McMeer. Zigby trots into trouble by making a fake one. McMeer thinks his luck has changed and he is invincible. Seeing that this could lead McMeer into trouble, Zigby has to confess all in order to keep McMeer safe.

  • Zigby decides to make a surprise for his best friends Bertie and McMeer which involves him going away by himself for a day. Bertie and McMeer are challenged to have fun together without Zigby around, and decide to track him down to make sure he's OK. And that turns out to be great fun, as does Zigby's surprise.

  • Zigby feels bad for Laurence who is too little to win the games being played by the island friends. Zigby tries to helps Laurence win a game, but finds it harder than he first thought. His solution is to invent the game of 'Laurencing' , being composed of all the elements that Laurence is really good at, and which Laurence is sure to win.

  • Zigby builds a fantastic ant-house in the clearing so Zara and Laurence can have ant friends to play with. When food suddenly goes missing each night, everyone suspects the newcomers. Zigby and his friends decide to keep watch to catch the culprit, and discover that it wasn't the ants after all.

  • Zigby performs some magic tricks, and for an encore decides to make McMeer disappear. Nobody is more surprised than Zigby when McMeer really does go missing. Zigby gets Bertie to make him disappear so he can find the missing McMeer, and Bertie gets El to disappear him too. The magic seems to be amazing, until the three friends return and explain what happened.

  • Everyone is puzzled when Zara and Laurence's sandcastle disappears off the beach at night. The friends go to great lengths to protect the new sandcastle, but it disappears again that night. Zigby vows to get to the source of the mystery, and everyone is surprised by the outcome. It was the sea all along.

  • On his birthday, McMeer is disappointed that his friends don't seem to have time to play with him - as they are busy making him a surprise present. McMeer really wants a talking parrot like Zigby's new friend. Zigby has a brainstorm and combines the present he and Bertie have made with a secret ingredient, and McMeer is suddenly surrounded by talking parrots.

  • Bertie gets hooked on 'hidey-hole', a game like golf, which he finds very safe. Soon he's doing little else but playing hidey-hole and his friends miss him terribly. Watching Bertie play, Zigby has an inspiration, and finds a clever way to get Bertie back playing with his friends.

  • Zigby forms a band but poor McMeer can't find the right instrument to play. Bertie gets more and more worried about practicing after Zigby announces a concert, and McMeer still hasn't found an instrument by the big day. Through a slapstick accident, McMeer discovers he's good at percussion, and the band performance is a huge hit.

  • Zigby decides to save time and wash all his pairs of pants at once. Stuck in his pyjamas, he then decides to dry them quickly by hanging them high on a line. Unfortunately they all blow away. Despite the best efforts of his friends to help find the pants, Zigby has to improvise so he can play with his friends.

  • Everyone goes nuts about collecting Kerpuffle flowers until all the flowers on the island have been taken from the wild. The Kerpuffle flowers start to sicken and droop, and Zigby realizes he has to do something before they all fade away. He gets a clever idea how to use the Kerpuffle craze to get the islanders to put the Kerpuffles back where they belong.

  • It's the season to see shooting stars late at night. Laurence and Zara want to stay up late and see them, but Zigby has all sorts of trouble trying to get them to have a nap during the day. His efforts tire him out, and in the end, it's Zigby who has a hard time staying awake.

  • Zigby thinks the island needs a good clean, and has the clever idea of organizing a fun scavenger hunt to pick up the rubbish. The monkeys turn the game to their advantage by swapping the lists and having everyone collect fruit for them. When Zigby figures out what's happening, he turns the tables on the monkeys and soon the island is clean and tidy, and there is yummy fruit for all as a reward.

  • Zigby gets the idea that everyone should give a present to someone else on the island. They all pull a picture from a basket. Zigby gets Vicky but just can't think of the perfect present to get for her. Seeing Vicky so busy on Present Day, Zigby has an inspiration and his present is to be her personal helper for a day.

  • When Zigby sets up a sporting match things get a bit too competitive between the blue team and the yellow team. As things get completely out of hand, Zigby is inspired to find the solution after a spill of paint. He combines the yellow and blue teams to make the best team of all - the green team!

  • Zigby invents the idea of swapping - a large shell for a stripy pebble, etc. The craze catches on and everyone starts swapping like mad. Things get out of balance on the island when the usual good will evaporates and nobody will play together any more. Zigby comes up with a marvelous solution - sharing!

  • Zigby goes to great lengths to protect his veggie patch from a veggie gobbler...

  • Zigby helps McMeer start a restaurant , which is a great success thanks to the delicious meals.

  • Zigby can't get to sleep because a dripping tap in his kitchen is keeping him awake.

  • Zigby starts a fix-it service and becomes so busy fixing things that he breaks a promise...

  • Zigby orchestrates a costume competition on the island. The prize is the costume invented by McMeer.

  • Laurence has run out of stories so Zigby decides to write one for him, he writes a marvelous comedy.

  • Zigby accidentally loses McMeer's faithful hat - but McMeer just doesn

  • Zigby encourages everyone on the island to try out a new hobby.

  • Zigby starts a mail service - but trouble escalates when the rain washes the addresses off the mail.

  • Zigby decides to organize a secret surprise birthday party for Bertie.

  • Everyone has seen a lucky shooting star except McMeer, so Zigby makes him a fake one.

  • Zigby goes off for the day to make a surprise for his best friends Bertie and McMeer.

  • Zigby tries to help Laurence win a game, but finds it harder than he first thought.

  • Zara trains a caterpillar to do circus acts, but it spins a cocoon and won't be lured out. Zigby helps her find more caterpillars, but they all do the same. The friends decide to use other bugs in the circus, and the big day arrives and all perform wonderfully. The friends and audience alike are delighted when all the cocoons hatch into butterflies for the final act.

  • Zigby offers to guard a secret painting Vicky is doing of Celeen, but accidentally wrecks it. When he tries to restore it, using poor Bertie as a model, things just get worse and worse. Luckily, all goes well at the unveiling because the real painting was on the other side of the canvas. And everyone has a good laugh at Zigby's painting of Bertie.

  • When Clem gets a bad case of the hiccups, a nasty side effect is that he can no longer change colour at will - in fact, he changes color everytime he hiccups. Feeling disgraced as a chameleon, Clem is very unhappy. Zigby, Bertie and McMeer go to great lengths to cure Clem's hiccups, but it is an accident that eventually does the trick.

  • Zara is disappointed that she can't find a live dinosaur, so Zigby plants some evidence so that Zara can at least dig up dinosaur relics. The fakes (eg. a bucket for a dinosaur cup) work really well - too well! The whole island goes crazy for digging up dino-relics, and Zigby has to stop the budding scientists from digging up Celeen's garden in their search for a dinosaur house.

  • Laurence really wants to meet a unicorn after reading about them in a story. Zigby tries to help find a unicorn, but without success. When it becomes clear that Laurence has a wish and needs to speak to a unicorn himself, Zigby and McMeer dress up as one so that Laurence won't be disappointed.

  • Zigby finds a hot spring on the other side of a huge muddy swamp. With Bertie, McMeer and El, he makes a short cut over the swamp using planks, but hasty work causes the planks to give way and everyone falls into the stinky swamp. Zigby has a very clever idea about how to get across the swamp to get safely to the hot spring.

  • When El the elephant hurts her trunk, Zigby sets up a hospital on the island. He takes such good care of El that soon everyone is faking illness in order to get the same care and attention. Zigby and his friends are overwhelmed, and have to come up with a clever way to get their patients to let them have a rest.

  • Zigby makes his own private pool so he, Bertie and McMeer can play Coconut Catch. He accidentally causes the waterhole to dry up, so invites all his friends to use his pool instead. Zigby's pool ends up so crowded, he just has to find a smart solution to keep everyone happy - and wet - so he can get back to his game of Coconut Catch.

  • Zigby has the clever idea of organizing a fun scavenger hunt to pick up the rubbish.

  • When Zigby finds a field of pineapples he decides to keep them secret so he can make pineapple punch for everyone at a special party. When the monkeys find the secret stash of pineapples they wrongly conclude that there are pirates on the island and a comedy of errors ensues.

  • McMeer's house gets flooded and, with great enthusiasm, Zigby tries to find or make him the perfect new home. After several different tries, in the end the friends realise there's no place like McMeer's old home.

  • Zigby forgets to take a flashlight on his camping trip and Zara can't sleep because she's afraid of the dark. Zigby comes up with several solutions to provide light for Zara, none of which is quite right. In the end, with the help of some woodland creatures, Zigby instead helps Zara overcome her fear of the dark.

  • Zigby builds a pedal racing car for Zara, and the monkeys build one too. The two teams race around the island, but the monkeys run into trouble and get stuck in the mud. Zigby has to decide whether to turn back and help them or to go on and win the race.

  • It's a windy day and perfect for kite flying until McMeer accidentally gets lifted by the kite. As McMeer flies off deep into the jungle, Zigby and Bertie rush to rescue him. Meanwhile, McMeer lands safely, and is found by his friends safe and sound. Zigby ingeniously builds a hang-glider to get them all home.

  • Nobody has time to play with Zigby so he invents a wind-up friend. At first everyone is delighted with the wind-up friend, but the monkeys get hold of the controller, and things start to go awry as it starts to malfunction. After a hilarious rampage across the island, the wind-up friend collapses, and Zigby and his friends agree it is much more fun to play with each other.

  • It's the Island Cup Final soccer match, and Vicky decides she would like to play. Zigby invites her onto his team and takes on the task of training her - the only problem being that Vicky is hopeless at soccer. When McMeer is knocked out of the match, Zigby saves the day when he discovers how to incorporate Vicky's talent for ballet into the soccer game.

  • After the monkeys claim to have seen The Big Foot, Zigby mounts an expedition into the jungle to look for it. Following a trail of clues, Zigby sets off with Bertie and McMeer. Zigby figures out that the mythical beast was made up by the mischievous monkeys all along, and much laughter ensues when the monkeys are made to own up.

  • Zigby heads off in search of a mythical mango tree on a homemade boat, promising Zara he'll return with a mountain of mangoes. In a boat race to get to the mangoes, Zigby stops to help McMeer, so the monkeys get there first and take them all. The monkey boat sinks under the weight of the fruit, but Zigby manages to rescue the monkeys as well as one precious mango for Zara.

  • Zigby trots into trouble when he invites Stink the monkey to stay at his place after Stink, Wink and Tink have a falling out. Life is so good with Zigby that Stink doesn't want to leave. With the help of McMeer, Bertie and Clem, Zigby thinks of a clever way to reunite Stink with his monkey friends.

  • When Zigby looks after Celine's garden, despite the best of intentions, after a series of accidents and mishaps, he lets her prize jungle vine grow out of control. Frantic to solve the problem before Celeen returns from holiday, Zigby enlists the help of Chompy, a tiny caterpillar, and his friends, with a result that absolutely delights Celeen.

  • When Zara loses her favourite doll, Zigby over reacts by role-playing a detective and mounting an investigation to catch the nollydappler who took the doll. Zigby gets Bertie and McMeer to create a trap in case the nollydappler returns. Zigby's attempt to disguise himself leads to hilarious confusion, triggering the trap - and finding the doll.