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Round the Twist is about a family that has to move and ends up moving into a lighthouse. They like the lighthouse at first until strange and weird things start happening. What is happening at the lighthouse that is changing their minds? Round The Twist is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on August 26, 1990.

Where do I stream Round The Twist online? Round The Twist is available for streaming on ABC1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Round The Twist on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
August 26, 1990
Kids & Family
Cast: Richard Moir, Robyn Gibbes, Brook Sykes, Cameron Nugent, Judith McGrath
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Round The Twist Full Episode Guide

  • Remember the strange person who keeps popping up in the lighthouse? It turns out she is Princess Ariel of Atlantis, and is looking for more people for her home. She has chosen the Twist and Gribble kids to join her. While Pete, Linda, Tiger, Rabbit, Gribbs and Bronson are all initially thrilled to get the chance but learn they can never come back if they go. After Pete realises what he feels for Fiona and the rest of the group realise how much they like Port Niranda they realise they can't go.Meanwhile, Fay handcuffs herself to Mr. Gribble and then goes into labour!

  • There is a new hero in Port Niranda - Skunkman! He fights evil (such as Gribbs) and protects the innocent and is in love with Lois.The reality is - it's just Bronson. Having collected all those strange deliveries for the past few episodes_4-18 and having collected all the smells, he really is Skunkman.

  • Using Nell's old radio, Pete and Linda are transported back to WWII. As they soon realise, everything they do in 1945 reflects what happens in 2001. Now, Linda and Pete must make life go back to normal or the Gribbles will have complete control of Port Niranda.

  • In a total eclipse, Linda's shadow breaks free and tells her how boring she is. But the Shadow Master is out to give the now fun-loving Linda a lesson. So, at a concert, Pete, Bronson and Linda must escape the Shadow Player so Linda can play.

  • A huge boy faced Bird has followed Bronson home and his singing talent is extraordinary - or is it?

  • While Mr. Gribble has discovered a new claim to fame for Port Niranda while Pete's new crush is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Linda and Gribbs are oppositions in the election for School Council. But when a haircut goes wrong, Linda can hear people's thoughts and decides to use her power for the election, despite the smelly consequences.

  • While Linda and Pete attempt to face their fears, Bronson spends a night in the cemetery with an escaped convict tries to steal some loot from Old Men Crenshaw's grave.

  • Pete, Bronson and Linda are sucked into the TV and discover the truth behind their "heroes"

  • Linda has the power to become invisible. After ruining Gribbs' reputation she agrees to help Pete win a horserace but ends up revealing a lot more than the fact she's holding the reins.

  • The dirt of the house has compiled itself into the Lint Monster and Bronson is headed for a showdown. Meanwhile, Fay jostles with the idea of telling the family about the baby, unaware the kids already know.

  • Mr. Snapper is directing a play for the bicentenary of Port Niranda. Fay has a secret (she's pregnant) and a the ghosts of the Von Clapp family want their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Gribbs reads the last poem in the Book of Love and unknowingly turns Fay into a frog. Unfortunately, this is only part one. Snorrison returns when all the adults are transported to the 8th Century AD and the kids take over.

  • A drought has hit Port Niranda hard and the rainmaker has fallen in with Gribbs! It is up to Pete to save the day.

  • When the Twists decide to throw out all their junk, they realise how much of it they really want. The only thing left in the junk pile is Linda's old toy Veronique which she doesn't want. Gribbs, meanwhile is in love with Linda after the Book of Love comes into play but Linda has problems when Veronique comes to life and starts haunting her.

  • In an experiment gone wrong, Anthony and Bronson succeed in separating Pete and Linda from their brains. Now, Gribbs' gang have control of the bodies while the brains create havoc in the town.

  • Pete and Tony find an old Malibu surfboard and Pete meets the board's owner, the ghost Moondoggy who never did manage to surf Big Blue, the once every 30 year tidal wave. But with Pete, he just may have a chance.

  • After breaking a tradition, Bronson is cursed with a metre long beard and is mistaken for the Nirandathal Beast.

  • Anthony and Linda discover a magic microphone that makes everyone tell the truth.

  • Pete and Mr. Gribble's minds get switched in a gizmo accident.

  • Bronson swallows a rare whirling derfish and his life starts spinning out of control

  • When Vikings Chief Snorri and Snorrison travel to Port Niranda through time with an enchanted book of Love, Linda falls under their spell.

  • Pete meets a beautiful tree spirit and discovers he is going to be ..... a mum?