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Zorro developed a huge fan base thanks to the updated and unique plot twists that were developed for the 1990 version of the 30 minute series starring Duncan Regehr. This updated version of the popular hero's deeds offered viewers a unique and more introspective version of the popular cult figure.

The new 1990 version of Zorro found a much more complex and interesting take on the character. Everyone knows the story of the masked hero who rides by night to right the wrongs inflicted on the citizens of the pueblo of Los Angeles, usually protecting these citizens from the cruelty and greed of the corrupt Alcalde. However, what this version brings is a much deeper look at the main character, played brilliantly by Duncan Regehr.

What makes this portrayal of Zorro so interesting is the many facets of the man that we see thanks to Regehr's masterful portrayal. Everyone is aware of Zorro's secret identity; Don Diego Del A Vega, and what makes this such an interesting portrayal is the fact that, while Don Diego comes across as a mincing fop and Zorro comes across as a masculine, intelligent and capable hero, the combined effect is completely believable. How many actors can pull off such an amazing feat?

Aside from the main character of Zorro you have the supporting cast of Don Alejandro Del A Vega; Don Diego's father, played by both Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Henry Darrow, Victoria Escalante; Zorro's love interest, played by Patrice Camhi, the Alcade; the villain, played by Michael Tylo. While there are others to the cast these are the principle players who we find ourselves interested every week in the interactions of these main characters.

A large part of what makes Zorro's character so interesting to watch is because of the many aspects he offers. He is, of course, athletic as we see from his sword play and acts of acrobatics. However, we also see the scientific side thanks to the various devices and plans he executes and of course we are treated to his detective skills. Zorro is a show that is definitely worth watching and can be enjoyed by all members of the family, young and old.

The Family Channel
3 Seasons, 75 Episodes
January 5, 1990
Action & Adventure
Cast: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Michael Gough, Michael Tylo, Henry Darrow, J. G. Hertzler
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Zorro Full Episode Guide

  • Felipe's agreement to testify against a group of bandits endangers his life.

  • Don Alejandro finds himself the sole heir of Roberto Segovia's fine hacienda.

  • Tired of Zorro escaping him and his lancers, the alcalde spends 5,000 pesos - half the pueblo's annual budget- on Mariposa, a white mount in Toronado's class.

  • The alcalde pretended to finance the irrigation plans without extra taxes by means of his new lottery, but Zorro proves it's tricked and enforces a true draw.

  • Because don Alejandro had a bad fall from his horse, don Diego goes in his place to meet the Spanish royal emissary in Santa Paula, representing the pueblo about the excessive taxes.

  • Royal Emissary Don Jose Alfonso Escanto has the alcalde's enthusiastic support for his mission to solve the pueblo's 'Indian problem'.

  • Alcalde de Soto hoped to show off to captain Dominguez, the territorial governor's inspector, but the sales tax he extorted from the farmers even before harvest is confiscated by Zorro, so the plan to recruit additional officers for the Los Angeles garrison, locally, goes trough.

  • Los Angeles' young new school teacher Annie is a hit with the children.

  • Pablo Zaragosa's small army of bandidos rides into Los Angeles.

  • The De la Vega dons finds on the beach a stranded, exhausted Japanese fisherman, Hiroshi.

  • The alcalde is furious to find someone stole his blackberries, making villagers take off their shoes to check a juice trace and even has the shoes confiscated till the thief is delivered.

  • Sergeant Mendoza has a nightmare about role reversals, when the alcalde runs the tavern while Victoria is a dragon-tempered alcalde who orders tax money wasted on pink laced curtains.

  • Don Alejandro gets two surprises.

  • The whole pueblo is preparing for Christmas, when señor Jones and his wife arrive in Los Angeles, looking for 'little Jaime' on account of a letter Mendoza wrote at age twelve.

  • The wanted independence fighter Joaquin Correna's revolutionary gang attacks a munition convoy guarded by Mendoza's lancers detail and blows it up.

  • Don Alejandro gets a surprise visit from three mates of his fifth Spanish cavalry days 30 years ago.

  • Juacinto Santana's fire-squad, according to Los Angeles's alcalde Ignacio de Soto for the murder on San Diego's alcalde Santana, is stopped by Zorro, who promises to find the real murderer.

  • After reuniting with his son, Big Jim Jarrett plans on leaving his pirate life behind and settling down in Los Angeles.

  • The pirate Big Jim Jarrett and his crew come to Los Angeles to look for hidden treasure, but a young boy is determined to foil them.

  • The alcalde's jail is full, but holds less real criminals -Zorro just delivered the two robbers of the garrison's pay- then poor farmers, who simply can't pay their taxes.

  • A family is traveling to the Oregon territory to make a new life, but they are pursued by a man who the father crossed when he fought him for his pet wolf.

  • Everybody considers Diego a hopeless bachelor, but Victoria a good catch who should stop waiting for Zorro and marry.

  • A stagecoach robber kills don Sebastian Valverdes and wounds his wife, but the alcalde arrests Valverdes' protégé, farmer José Rivas, who passed by and tried to help, but benefits from the generous testament.

  • Sergeant Mendoza was becoming very unpopular, being found inept as interim alcalde after Luis Ramon's death in the devil's fortress.

  • Part 2 of 2: D'Artagnan's heir is there too, only he was careful enough to send a declining letter to stake the place first. Diego joins the 'three musketeers' and Picotin has uniforms ready for each. Diego is happily welcomed home by Felipe and Victoria.

  • Part 1 of 2: Diego decides to take a vacation and goes to France. Diego is expecting a quiet vacation, but finds himself in the middle of a village full of rowdy people. Soon, he meets Porthos, who is a descendent of one of the original Three Musketeers.

  • Part 2 of 2: Don Diego is arrested, but escapes before Rosalinda De La Fuente's coach reaches the fortress. Zorro rides on and finds Victoria's youngest brother lurking around. Meanwhile the alcalde has his own secret agenda.

  • Part 1 of 2: A grandfather shows Diego De La Vega's diary about the Devil's Fortress. Victoria produces a letter, allegedly from her father, Alfonso's, cellmate. If true, it means that he didn't die in the Mexican Revolution, but that he is seriously ill.

  • Protestant Daniel Nielson, who is fleeing religious persecution with his wife and son, becomes the first-ever client to actually claim a piece of Los Angeles via Alcalde Ramon's land office. However, Diego and Victoria warn them it is a barren wilderness.

  • Royal troops bring a jeweled sword believed to have belonged to Charlemagne. When the theater troop arrives in L.A., the alcalde insists on an excessive amusement tax of 50 pesos, and puts a premium on Zorro's head. Zorro must prove his own innocence.

  • When Zorro deals with stage coach-robbers, Lopez admits he was released from jail by the alcalde to prevent the arrival of his fat and rude cousin, Hermelinda. Diego and Felipe set a musical trap, which Zorro closes at Aragon's concert in the tavern.

  • Judge Bernardo de la Paz is threatened because he is about to condemn Vincente Torres' brother to death. For safety, he sends his teen son Carlos for to the De La Vega hacienda. Now Carlos must be protected from both the gang and himself.

  • Zorro captures bank robbery suspect Enrique "Ricky" Vargas. Diego decides to defend Vargas in the alcalde's court against prosecutor Mendoza. When the alcalde is exposed as the real gold thief, Nestor and Zorro now team up against injustice.

  • Felipe encounters Carillo and three other fiends planning a raid on Los Angeles in order to murder the Alcade for revenge. Felipe, believed to be deaf, is captured and left bound. Zorro rides in to deal single-handedly with the perpetrators.

  • Don Diego is depressed because his father tells him that he should at least have been protesting while Zorro single-handedly saved an innocent villager from flogging. Down and out, Diego wonders if Zorro's crime fighting really even matters.

  • The Falcon is a felon with many birds of prey. He arrives in Los Angeles, considering it to be the ideal target because of its corrupt alcalde, provided he can set a suitable trap for Zorro.

  • Ramon, who is prejudiced against Indians, chases them off their land. A young girl named Keenona is accidentally left by herself. Zorro decides to protect her, but the alcade wants her as a servant. The Indians now want retribution, and wage an attack.

  • Ramon forbids the pueblo's citizens from traveling to Indian land because he doesn't approve of Indians receiving help from the townspeople. Joshua offers to take them food, and Ramon is infuriated and demands that Joshua hunt Zorro and kill him.

  • The Alcade rides into town as a changed man, charming and courteous to everyone. The new alcade is even 'courting' Victoria, until he suddenly is his old wicked self again. The problem is solved when Zorro figures out that people have been seeing double.

  • Zorro rides to expose the Alcalde's manipulation of the market's weights. An Indian scout follows his trail in order to earn the horse he admires. Felipe, who can't ride as fast, hides in a dangerous abandoned mineshaft while Toronado runs back alone.

  • Men try to subdue Zorro when a reward is offered for his capture. After being bitten by a snake, Zorro turns to Magdalena, the wife of Alicio. When Alicio's barn is burned down, he must choose between being grateful his wife is alive or pursuing Zorro.

  • Don Diego becomes the editor of the new pueblo newspaper, The Los Angeles Guardian. The alcalde, however, decides to take it over after getting some bad publicity.

  • A highly conceited British expert fencer arrives. Soon, he takes power over the pueblo, demanding that Ramon be his servant. Ramon then has Zorro teach him how to duel, so that he can be freed of Sir Miles Thackery's control.

  • After Sgt. Mendoza becomes smitten by an attractive woman, Don Diego decides to show him ways to seduce a woman. Mendoza lets his emotions get the best of him, leading him to be trapped by bandits. Zorro must now rescue him.

  • Felipe and Victoria are kidnapped by Captain Henry Stark and his crew of pirates, who believe there is a hidden treasure in the area. Felipe espcapes to find Zorro, so that he can rescue Victoria and the others that are held captive

  • Diego's old fencing teacher arrives in Los Angeles and wants to know why Diego is fencing so badly. Two men arrive and shoot Sir Edmund. With Zorro, Diego and Sir Edmund surrounded by soldiers, they hide in a church in a challenge to see who will live.

  • An inventor named Dr. Henry Wayne has arrived in Los Angeles. Alcalde Ramon hires him to devise a method to eliminate Zorro. The first device designed to kill Zorro when he enters the Alcalde's office is a failure. Ramon then arrests Victoria as bait for

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