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  • 1990
  • 3 Seasons
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Zorro is an action-packed television show that aired on The Family Channel from 1990-1993. Starring Duncan Regehr as the legendary masked hero, the show was a retelling of the classic story of a man who stands up to injustice and defends the oppressed. Set in Spanish California during the early 19th century, Zorro proved to be a popular and enduring show that captured the imaginations of audiences young and old.

The show follows the adventures of Don Diego de la Vega, a Spanish nobleman who masquerades as the fearless Zorro to fight against the corrupt Governor of California and his army of soldiers. Using his skill with a sword and his wits, Zorro battles for justice against the tyranny of the Governor, always working undercover to protect his secret identity. Along for the ride are his loyal confidant, Bernardo (played by Juan Diego Botto), and his love interest, Victoria Escalante (played by Patricia McBride).

With its themes of heroism, romance, and adventure, Zorro was a show that appealed to viewers of all ages. Its swashbuckling action scenes, thrilling stunts, and elaborate sword fights kept audiences on the edge of their seats, while its captivating cast of characters kept them emotionally invested in the story. In addition to Regehr, who brought a smoldering intensity to the role of Zorro, the show featured a diverse array of talented actors, including Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as the villainous Governor, Henry Darrow as the benevolent Don Alejandro de la Vega, and J.G. Hertzler as the dashing Captain Monastario.

One of the defining features of Zorro was its commitment to historical authenticity. Set during a period of great change in California's history, the show made an effort to accurately depict the social, political, and cultural landscape of the time. From the costumes and sets to the dialogue and customs, Zorro sought to transport viewers to a distant era, immersing them in the rich culture and traditions of the Spanish colonial period.

But what truly set Zorro apart was its ability to balance its historical accuracy with a sense of fun and excitement. Whether Zorro was sneaking into the Governor's mansion to rescue prisoners, dueling with his sword, or thwarting the corrupt schemes of his enemies, the show never lost sight of its commitment to high-stakes adventure and thrilling entertainment.

Over the course of its run, Zorro proved to be a critical and commercial success, spawning a number of spin-off products and a dedicated fanbase. Perhaps most notably, the show inspired a new generation of fans to discover the rich history and mythology of the Zorro character. In the years since, the show has remained a beloved classic, and serves as a testament to the enduring power of swashbuckling adventure and heroic justice.

In conclusion, Zorro was an exciting and well-made television show that offered audiences a thrilling mix of action, romance, and adventure. Featuring a talented cast, breathtaking stunts and sword fights, and a commitment to historical authenticity, the show has endured as a classic of its genre and remains a favorite of fans of all ages.

Zorro is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (75 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 1990.

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The Word
25. The Word
April 26, 1992
Felipe's agreement to testify against a group of bandits endangers his life.
Heir Apparent
24. Heir Apparent
April 19, 1992
Don Alejandro finds himself the sole heir of Roberto Segovia's fine hacienda.
Blind Man's Bluff
23. Blind Man's Bluff
April 12, 1992
Tired of Zorro escaping him and his lancers, the alcalde spends 5,000 pesos - half the pueblo's annual budget- on Mariposa, a white mount in Toronado's class.
Balancing the Books
22. Balancing the Books
April 5, 1992
The alcalde pretended to finance the irrigation plans without extra taxes by means of his new lottery, but Zorro proves it's tricked and enforces a true draw.
One Special Night
21. One Special Night
March 24, 1992
Because don Alejandro had a bad fall from his horse, don Diego goes in his place to meet the Spanish royal emissary in Santa Paula, representing the pueblo about the excessive taxes.
Turning the Tables
20. Turning the Tables
March 22, 1992
Royal Emissary Don Jose Alfonso Escanto has the alcalde's enthusiastic support for his mission to solve the pueblo's 'Indian problem'.
Silk Purses and a Sow's Ear
19. Silk Purses and a Sow's Ear
March 15, 1992
Alcalde de Soto hoped to show off to captain Dominguez, the territorial governor's inspector, but the sales tax he extorted from the farmers even before harvest is confiscated by Zorro, so the plan to recruit additional officers for the Los Angeles garrison, locally, goes trough.
They Call Her Annie
18. They Call Her Annie
March 8, 1992
Los Angeles' young new school teacher Annie is a hit with the children.
17. Siege
March 1, 1992
Pablo Zaragosa's small army of bandidos rides into Los Angeles.
Test of Faith
16. Test of Faith
January 26, 1992
The De la Vega dons finds on the beach a stranded, exhausted Japanese fisherman, Hiroshi.
Mendoza the Malovent
15. Mendoza the Malovent
January 12, 1992
The alcalde is furious to find someone stole his blackberries, making villagers take off their shoes to check a juice trace and even has the shoes confiscated till the thief is delivered.
Dirty Tricks
14. Dirty Tricks
January 5, 1992
Sergeant Mendoza has a nightmare about role reversals, when the alcalde runs the tavern while Victoria is a dragon-tempered alcalde who orders tax money wasted on pink laced curtains.
A Love Remembered
13. A Love Remembered
December 15, 1991
Don Alejandro gets two surprises.
Miracle of the Pueblo
12. Miracle of the Pueblo
December 8, 1991
The whole pueblo is preparing for Christmas, when señor Jones and his wife arrive in Los Angeles, looking for 'little Jaime' on account of a letter Mendoza wrote at age twelve.
The Old Flame
11. The Old Flame
December 1, 1991
The wanted independence fighter Joaquin Correna's revolutionary gang attacks a munition convoy guarded by Mendoza's lancers detail and blows it up.
Alejandro Rides Again
10. Alejandro Rides Again
November 24, 1991
Don Alejandro gets a surprise visit from three mates of his fifth Spanish cavalry days 30 years ago.
Wicked, Wicked Zorro
9. Wicked, Wicked Zorro
October 27, 1991
Traveling hypnotist Dr. Lorenzo Lozano's show has little success in Los Angeles, except by accident on Don Diego - Lozano orders him to rob for him at night 'cunning like a fox'.
A Woman Scorned
8. A Woman Scorned
October 20, 1991
Juacinto Santana's fire-squad, according to Los Angeles's alcalde Ignacio de Soto for the murder on San Diego's alcalde Santana, is stopped by Zorro, who promises to find the real murderer.
A New Beginning
7. A New Beginning
October 13, 1991
After reuniting with his son, Big Jim Jarrett plans on leaving his pirate life behind and settling down in Los Angeles.
The Buccaneer's
6. The Buccaneer's
October 6, 1991
The pirate Big Jim Jarrett and his crew come to Los Angeles to look for hidden treasure, but a young boy is determined to foil them.
Armed & Dangerous
5. Armed & Dangerous
September 29, 1991
The alcalde's jail is full, but holds less real criminals -Zorro just delivered the two robbers of the garrison's pay- then poor farmers, who simply can't pay their taxes.
The Man Who Cried Wolf
4. The Man Who Cried Wolf
September 22, 1991
A family is traveling to the Oregon territory to make a new life, but they are pursued by a man who the father crossed when he fought him for his pet wolf.
A New Lease on Love
3. A New Lease on Love
September 15, 1991
Everybody considers Diego a hopeless bachelor, but Victoria a good catch who should stop waiting for Zorro and marry.
Rush to Judgement
2. Rush to Judgement
September 8, 1991
A stagecoach robber kills don Sebastian Valverdes and wounds his wife, but the alcalde arrests Valverdes' protégé, farmer José Rivas, who passed by and tried to help, but benefits from the generous testament.
The New Broom
1. The New Broom
September 1, 1991
Sergeant Mendoza was becoming very unpopular, being found inept as interim alcalde after Luis Ramon's death in the devil's fortress.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 5, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (1,938)