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This is not just another restaurant show but rather an in-depth look at where different foods and all their components originate. Hosted by Bobby Bognar, these television episodes explore the origins of Mexican food, pizza, cheeseburgers and fries, Chinese takeout, Italian foods and more. A basic farm-to-table means of explaining just where all of these types of foods came from and how they arrive in a restaurant in front of the consumer. For example, the segment on pizza explores how the crust it made, where mozzarella cheese comes from and even takes you on a tour of a brick oven factory and a mushroom farm.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on History on History
1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 21, 2010
Reality, Food
Cast: Bobby Bognar
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Food Tech Full Episode Guide

  • The hot dog is consumed more than any other food at sporting events. Food tech discovers what really goes into a hot dog and how it got it's shape. Bobby then travels to Washington to discover why beer has a bitter taste.

  • Bobby reveals the hidden world of the pizza.

  • Bobby travels to the "all you can eat" capital, Las Vegas.

  • People have been gathering around the table for Italian food for generations.

  • Sometimes breakfast food is the best food, especially pancakes.

  • Bobby Bognar goes on the amazing journey of how Southern Fried Food makes it to the plate.

  • Mexican Food is very popular in America. But did you know that a donkey is a key to great tequila? Ever wondered how many times they refry refried beans?

  • Whether young or old, we enjoy eating a meal from the lunch box. Host Bobby Bognar seeks out answers to intriguing questions about items in the lunch box.

  • Since an increase in the number of Chinese immigrants to America, Americans have devoured Chinese take-out. But have you ever wondered what's really in the food?

  • A cheeseburger and a side of fries--last year, Americans ate over 7 billion of them. And there's an amazing story behind every one. Any idea how they get the sesame seeds to stick to the bun? What does it take to stuff 20 tomatoes inside a ketchup bottle? And what's the secret to getting the dill in dill pickle chips? Host Bobby Bognar sets off on a quest to find out, as he travels the country to unearth the hidden mysteries inside our cheeseburger and fries. It's the science behind perfectly melting cheese, the production of jet-black seeds that sprout into Spanish onions, and a French Fry factory where every day mountains of potatoes are sliced and diced in to 36 million French fries.

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