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For the Laurel and Hardy fan, the Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy is a treat. The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy is a collection of 35 shorts containing Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The collection is mostly silent film shorts. Silent film shorts have not been revised too often. That makes this a unique collection. The collection also contains the shorts containing Laurel and Hardy before they were together.

Stan Laurel acted in a number of shorts in the silent film days. Oliver Hardy did not act in as many films as Laurel. Hardy played the bad guy in a number of his solo career films. One of the early shorts has Laurel and Hardy in a film. They are not a team however. Laurel is the star of the film while Hardy plays a minor role as a robber.

The collection is divided into ten volumes. The films are not arranged in chronological order. You may watch a film with the two together as a team. Then you will watch another where they had a solo career. If you would like to watch in chronological order, then you will have to research for a list of their films in chronological order. The DVDs are in great condition for transferring the film from old negatives. There are a few spots were some mistakes were made. However not many, the films are still a treasure to watch.

There are some bonuses with these DVDs. The DVDs come with some posters that look like the originals of the time. There are a few of Laurel and Hardy's film with sound. Oliver Hardy played minor roles under the popular silent film star Charley Chase. Since Oliver Hardy was in the film, they are included in the collection. Stan Laurel directing one of the films.

The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy online? The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy is available for streaming on Scott Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy on demand at Hoopla online.

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The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy Full Episode Guide

  • Stanley and Oliver take on new jobs as doormen.

  • Ollie and Stanley are two Christmas Tree sales reps who get into one of their usual mutual destruction fights with a homeowner.

  • Two escaped convicts (Laurel & Hardy) change clothes in the getaway car, but wind up wearing each other's pants.

  • Stan & Ollie attempt to fool their wives by sneaking out to a poker game, but instead get involved with two flirty ladies, one of whom is the girlfriend of a jealous boxer.

  • Loony scientist raids cemetery.

  • Stanley and Oliver, two sailors on shore leave, rent a car and go on a drive with their dates, but soon get involved in a huge traffic jam with dozens of ill-tempered motorists.

  • Stan and Ollie hold out money from their paychecks from their shrewish wives so they can enjoy a night out on the town... with predictable results.

  • Members of a municipal band, Stanley and Oliver seem to be always following someone else's lead, rather than that of the temperamental conductor.

  • Laurel & Hardy, in pre-historic times, vie for the hand of the same Stone Age beauty.

  • Hardy goes to the dentist office and mistakenly has his teeth pulled.