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| | 1 hr 45 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

FBI agent Gracie Hart made a major mistake on her last case. She's paying for it by losing the lead on the investigation of a terrorist known as Citizen. When the agency learns Citizen's next target is the Miss United States Pageant, they need someone to go undercover as a contestant. Out of all the female agents, analytics show Gracie is physically the best candidate. But Gracie has nothing but disdain for beauty queens and pageants. She's always been a tomboy, and exhibits anything but grace.

Enter pageant coach Victor Melling, who does his best to transform Gracie into a believable contestant. Under the direction of agent-in-charge, Eric Matthews, Gracie's biggest rival at the agency, Gracie chafes under every aspect of the assignment. She manages to cover her gaffes and clumsiness with creativity and humor, which put her in some rather hilarious situations. But competition director, Kathy Morningside, and emcee, Stan Fields, are not amused, and convinced Gracie will ruin the pageant.

As the competition progresses and Gracie gets to know the other women, she learns most of her preconceived notions are false. When Citizen is caught, everyone breathes a sigh of relief—except Gracie. Her FBI instincts tell her some things don't add up, leading her to believe that the person responsible for the threat is still out there and planning to go through with the bombing. Gracie is the only one in the position to protect her new friends and prevent a tragedy.

Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Benjamin Bratt, William Shatner, Ernie Hudson
Donald Petrie
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Miss Congeniality
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