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Studies show that the two genres of movies that attract people the most are horror and comedy. Given those parameters it's no wonder then that Scary Movie 2 attracts such a wide range of audiences. Scary Movie 2 comes from the minds of Shawn and Marlon Wayans and offers a lighthearted breakdown of the horror movie genre by taking the base elements of the most popular horror movies that possess a common theme and link those together for a unique and hilarious story line. What makes this movie so unique is the fact that, while utilizing the same main characters as the previous movie, Scary Movie 2 doesn't simply pick up from its predecessor, it becomes its own independent film.

The synopsis of Scary Movie 2 is that several individuals have been brought together by a college professor for a weekend group study. The supposed reason given is that of studying psychic potential in those who survive traumatic experiences. However, to quote Tim Curry's character; "I might actually have a chance to get lucky." Viewers certainly do get lucky with this foray into humorous send ups of movies such as The Haunting, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and even Hannibal.

Scary Movie 2 boasts the acting talents of such veterans as James Woods, Veronica Cartwright, Tim Curry and Tori Spelling, all of whom add their own comedic touches to this uproarious comedy. Some of the more amusing portions of the movie would be that of the opening scene that does a rather amusing take of The Exorcist with James Woods as the priest who has his own rather unique approach to dealing with a demon. Another classic moment in the movie would be that of, main character, Cindy's introduction to the parrot in the estate where she is spending the weekend. Nothing says comedy quite like a college girl being propositioned by a parrot.

Let's face it everyone loves horror and/or comedy so what better way to be entertained than to indulge in both by watching Scary Movie 2 to get a fully rounded viewing experience. After all, who doesn't love the antics of Cindy, Brenda, Ray and Shorty? This is especially true when you throw in the literal and slapstick humor to be found in this film. All of these elements come together, nicely, for a winning and entertaining combination.

Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Christopher Kennedy Masterson
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