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| | 1 hr 55 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

The Goonies is a movie about a group of children who all live in the same neighborhood, known as the Goon Docks and are trying to work together to save their homes from foreclosure. In the process of, the kids come across an old Spanish map in an attic, which can lead them to a pirate and treasure, this pirate is referred to as One-Eyed Willie. This takes the children on a great adventure as they follow the clues on the map to find him.

As they set out on their trip they come across a restaurant which ties into the clues on the map, little do they know that fugitives are using this restaurant as their hideout. The group of kids uncover their criminal intents and choose one of them to get help, however, before he can leave, the fugitives return and the kids try to escape by going underneath the restaurant. While underneath the restaurant one of the fugitives capture the kid who was trying to seek help and places him in a room with one of their brothers who is deformed, his name is Sloth.

As the other kids, known as the Goonies, wonder around the cavern below the restaurant, they notice that it matches up with the treasure map and they continue to explore in hopes to find the treasure. They have to overcome traps and obstacles to do so. The fugitives end up taking their treasure but things turn around when the Goonies are saved by their friend, and the deformed brother Sloth. They end up finding a hole in the cave which leads them to a beach, and police officers.

The Goonies end up at home, while the fugitives end up arrested. The story comes to a happy ending when a bag of jewels is found and its valued at more than enough to save everyone's home from foreclosure.

Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Jonathan Ke Quan
Richard Donner
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