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Alice is a recent widow with a young son on her way to Los Angeles when her car breaks down in Phoenix, Arizona. She winds up getting a job at Mel's Diner and muddling through while her son grows up. When he is older, she again resumes pursuit of her own dreams. Most of the series is about life for Alice and her working class friends and coworkers. The series brings up issues often experienced by single working women, whether they are mothers or not, and has a compassionate view of individuals who are stuck in such a situation. Alice often provided the down to earth wisdom needed in the situation while her coworkers often provided the wit, sass and smart-aleck remarks.

In addition to Alice and her son, she has a few female coworkers, notably Flo and Vera, and a cranky boss who owns the diner. In spite of being of limited means, Flo is an empowered, opinionated woman who knows how to get her own needs met. Vera is a lovable, very sweet lady but something of a ditz. She means well but doesn't always have the best ideas. Nonetheless, they help Alice make it through every day.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
August 31, 1976
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Alice (1976) Full Episode Guide

  • When Alice Hyatt is given the opportunity to star in a television commercial for Mel's Diner, her gold opportunity quickly turns to brass.

  • Everyone tries to convince Alice that "finders keepers, losers weepers" is their motto when Flo find $40,000 under a chair in the diner.

  • When Alice can't convince Mel that charity should begin at home, she resorts to burglary to correct an innocent mistake.

  • Alice and Flo come to the aid of Vera's love life and send her off on a dangerous liaison.

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