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Are You The One is an MTV television show that is part game, part reality show and part social experiment. The intention behind the show is to conduct a dating experiment amongst a group of young adults to see if they are able to identify what who would be a perfect match for themselves. Each of the individuals has a person that would be a potential perfect match according to several sets of criteria, but none of the individuals knows who that person is.

All the individuals are living together in a house, where they are able to get to know one another, ten men and ten women. As a group they must complete several challenges during each episode which are meant to reveal who their perfect match is, but the contestants have to choose correctly. The results of their matches are never revealed to them and romances are allowed to naturally occur throughout the episodes and as the challenges progress.

A million dollar purse is at stake, and it is meant to be shared amongst all individuals so it is in all of their best interests to choose wisely and find their perfect match in as few tries as possible.

Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on MTV
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • Follow up with the contestants as they reunite to discuss the happenings of the season.

  • In the second season finale, the house has one final match-up ceremony. With a million dollars at stake, will the right switch be made?

  • Dario and Layton go head to head over Ashley. Ellie sets her sights on Nathan.

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