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The Mormon religion has been in the news with increasing frequency in recent years for a number of reasons. Although the religion has been misunderstood, people are beginning to learn more about it through increased exposure through news reports and other venues. The television show Big Love, which aired on HBO for five seasons, is one of the major reasons for increased interest in the religion, as well, even though leaders of the official church were not generally pleased with the program. This is because Big Love portrayed the lives of a family engaged in a polygamous lifestyle – something that has been banned by the official church for over a century.

Big Love is centered on Bill Henrickson, who is played by actor Bill Paxton. Henrickson, in violation of both the law and church doctrine, is married to three wives, and the entire clan lives together in three side-by-side houses in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. Bill's first wife, Barb, is the mother to three of the family's children, and she is often shown to be the leader of the females in the family. Bill's other wives are Nicki and Margie, each of whom have given birth to Bill's children. Altogether, the family includes eight children, and much of the drama of the show revolves around the family's desire to continue to expand.

Each episode of Big Love builds upon the one that preceded it, and every season of the show tells a long story that stretches through several episodes. For the most part, the program depicts Bill as he struggles to be a successful businessman while hiding the reality of his personal life from the public. Considering that he has three wives and several children living together, this is not an easy task. Bill must also deal with fundamentalist religious compound from which he escaped as a boy. The leaders of the compound do not care for Bill's version of their religion, and they often do whatever is necessary to thwart Bill's attempts to conduct legitimate business.

Considering that it aired on HBO, Big Love features adult language and many adult situations and themes. While some people object to the show for its themes and subject matter, others enjoy the unflinching look it takes at fundamentalist Mormonism and its effects on families and society. The show is full of surprises, plus it uses research incredibly well to depict events as accurately as possible. For these reasons, Big Love has become one of the more popular HBO dramas in recent memory.

5 Seasons, 53 Episodes - Canceled
March 12, 2006
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Big Love Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, with jail time nearing, Bill maps out contingency plans for the family, while orchestrating a last-minute referendum on the Senate floor. Meanwhile, Barb has a plan of her own.

  • Nicki attempts to cast out the evil from Cara Lynn.

  • Bill sifts through Alby's past in order to stop him, but Alby continues his diabolical scheme. Meanwhile, Barb is pulled into the firestorm surrounding Bill and Margene.

  • Bill considers renewing his vows to his three wives as a symbol of commitment. Meanwhile, things reach a boiling point at Nikki & Bill's wedding. Alby makes his move by buying out HomePlus.

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