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Witches look very different these days. In the television show Charmed there are three sisters who are witches. They are said to be the most powerful witches that every graced the Earth. They do not look like the stereotypical witches. These sisters are young ladies and act and dress like them. Each of the sisters has a different magical power and has to protect innocent people from demons on a daily basis.

The witch sisters try to keep their true identifies a secret. The witches are Prue, Piper, and Phoebe with a cast including Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty. They try to live and act like everyone else around them does. This can lead to complicating situations. Sometimes a sister will use the magic when they are not supposed to. Their magical acts have caused a number of police investigations and accusations from the people around them. The witch sisters only use their powers for good deeds but accidents happen sometimes.

As the show goes on the sisters learn of more powerful things they can do and more magic they can create. Each episode features the sisters defeating another villain that was sent to take over the world. They also discover that they have a half-witch sister named Paige and she joins them in the fight against evil. This show has powerful females for lead characters that do the saving; they do not need to be saved by anyone. This show does not go overboard on the supernatural and has a different theme each week.

8 Seasons, 173 Episodes - Canceled
October 7, 1998
Science Fiction, Drama
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  • After the devastating events of the battle in the last episode, both Piper and Billie go about trying to get their sisters back. Piper is reunited with Leo and together they enlist Coop's help to go back in time and save their family.

  • Convinced that The Charmed Ones are too self-involved to protect the “Greater Good,” Billie and Christy team up to destroy their reputations in the magical community. Calling upon her intimate knowledge of the sisters, Billie uses her spells to make the girls seem like they only care about themselves. Christy, with the urging of an immortal demon, amps each spell up to dangerous levels. Phoebe obsessively lusts after Coop, Paige is unable to hear her charges’ calls for help, while Piper turns into a perfect 1950s housewife. When their approval rating hits rock bottom, The Charmed Ones are forced into hiding in the Underworld.

  • Suspecting that Billie and Christy are the "Ultimate Power," Phoebe and Piper begin to formulate a plan that will provide the answers they need to get Leo back. Meanwhile, Paige saves her new charge, Mikelle from two Darklighters, and Christy traps the sisters in a dreamstate in order to prove to Billie that each of their "inner-truths" are driven by selfishness. Later, Billie must decide if she will team up with Christy to dethrone The Charmed Ones.

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