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Series Length:1 Season, 26 Episodes

After a Bible expert is abducted, his daughter Cora goes on a mission to find him. The kidnappers plan on going back in time to change the ancient past, Cora tries to stop their evil plan and save her dad.

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Chi Rho: The Secret

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Chi Rho: The Secret Full Episode Guide

  • Cora, Habib and the Wonderers see two of Jesus's friends entering a house in Jerusalem, while Roman soldiers are blocking the surrounding streets.

  • Cora, Habib and the Wonderers turn up in Bethlehem a day before Jesus is born. But Christmas is not the reason why the city is bustling.

  • Cora, Habib and the Wonderers land in a very rundown corner of a market square. Gamblers try to squeeze money out of passersby.

  • Cora, Habib and the Wonderers reunite with David. Since his victory over Goliath, he has become so popular that King Saul feels jealous of David.

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