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Series Length:1 Season, 52 Episodes

Claude is a cute, cuddly and mischievous little polar bear who has moved from his Arctic home in Snowington to a place that is far away and very different, the sunny and bustling town of Bearhampton. Claude is intrigued and bemused by everyday things and with his new friend and next door neighbour Boris, he takes little steps towards understanding and discovering the amazing world around him.

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  • One of the things Claude noticed about his new home was how many different ways there were to find your way around. Claude and Boris are playing pirates, sailing the high seas when Mum draws a map for them and tells them to search for buried treasure. They follow the clues and eventually are rewarded with a hoard of golden, chocolate coins. Gran isn't so lucky however - she's been looking for Dad's ice-cream van in the park but can't find it anywhere. Could this be time for Claude to get Thinky! What Gran needs is a map! The two pirates accompany Gran to the park, follow the clues and - there's Dad - with a hoard of pirate ice-cream!

  • One of the things Claude noticed about his new home was how much everyone did to keep clean. Boris is on the run from Doris as he's desperately trying to avoid having a bath. However, the more the two boys try to escape from Doris, the dirtier they become and the more they are in need of a bath! But Boris is adamant - baths are boring! Claude decides that it's time to get Thinky! How can he make bathtime more exciting? Why - bubbles of course!

  • One of the things Claude noticed about his new home was how often things wore out. Claude and Boris are playing at being Space Commanders but the wheels on Boris' favourite space buggy toy have worn out. In an attempt to distract the boys, Doris sends them off to Claude's house looking for a space alien. This is quite a scary assignment but in the end the boys find it's only Mum with a squeaky pen, Dad with some old jars and Gran clikkety-clacking at her knitting. If only they could fix the space buggy and return to playing space commanders. It's time for Claude to get Thinky! Before long, Dad's jam jars have been re-conditioned and re-cycled and the buggy works perfectly!

  • One of the things Claude noticed about his new home was how many different sounds there were. Gran is trying to have an afternoon nap but it seems that Claude and Boris keep waking her up. They discover lots of noises - bird song, panpipes, Dad's ice-cream van music. Eventually the two boys realise that they need to find some relaxing noises in order to help Gran get back to sleep. Sounds like it's time for Claude to get Thinky! Before long Gran is happily snoozing to the soothing sound of the birds singing.

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