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Hot Line is a television series that aired on Cinemax. The show is based on a radio show in which people call in to tell about their sexual trysts. Some people also called into the show to talk about their sexual fantasies.

Fridays at 11:30 pm on CineMax
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Canceled
January 6, 1995
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Hot Line Full Episode Guide

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Brunch Club.' Housewives get together for brunch and proceed to talk about their erotic affairs.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Where Were We?' A couple who want a baby are interrupted every time they get down to the business of conception.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Double Exposure.' A private eye gets too involved with the promiscuous wife on whom he's been hired to spy.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Shutterbugs.' A young woman gets angry when her photographer boyfriend gets a job photographing nude models.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Gardener.' A rich, childless couple enlists their gardener to help them sow some wild oats.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Hannah's Surprise.' At a bed-and-breakfast, a straying husband gets left out in the cold by his wife, his secretary and the chambermaid!

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Sexual Chemistry.' A woman finally learns how to achieve sexual fulfillment, much to her worried boyfriend's relief.

  • Two medical students are in the midst of preparing for their anatomy final exams when their studies are interrupted by their roommate's loud lovemaking, so they conspire to get revenge on him for his interference in their schoolwork.

  • Two coworkers can't seem to find a way to get along while they're at work, but they are forced to reconsider their opinions of each other after they discover that they've unknowingly been engaged in hot correspondence over the Internet.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Sitter.' A frustrated writer house-sits for a mobster and falls in love with the man's sexy daughter.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'Hung Jury.' Two jurors in a murder trial make good use of their sequestration...and help a hung jury reach a decision.

  • After a woman learns that her husband is cheating on her, she decides to stay at a friend's beach house in order to recover from the ordeal, but her restful vacation is interrupted by the arrival of her friend's college-age son and his girlfriend.

  • HD. 'Payback.' A female prison guard stalks and seduces her handsome boss.

  • HD. 'Visions of Love.' A young blind woman is romanced by her apartment building's maintenance man.

  • HD. 'The Homecoming.' A young woman returns to her hometown where she encounters an old flame who is about to get married.

  • HD. 'Highest Bidder.' A straying husband hires a handsome escort to make love to his wife so he can entrap her and demand a divorce.

  • A compilation of episodes from the adult series about a talk radio hostess whose listeners share their most intimate experiences.

Most Popular Hot Line Episodes

  • Season 0 Episode 0 Alluring Fantasies 1/06/1995
  • Season 2 Episode 3 E-Mail 7/19/1996
  • Season 2 Episode 12 Mistaken Identity 9/27/1996
  • Season 2 Episode 11 Brunch Club 9/20/1996

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