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Lockup Extended Stay is a documentary about life in prison, part of the Lockup series which is shown on MSNBC. The show follows prisoners and tells their stories about life inside the prison. The show is very original as it goes in-depth with the prisoners and even gives some inmates cameras to record their personal thoughts which are later shown during the show.

Lockup Extended Stay focuses on prisons for one entire episode, as opposed to going from prison to prison. The show will visit different wards of each prison, such as the lockdown unit (different prisons name it differently, such as SHU, ADSEG, and so on) mental wards, death row, and general population.

Prisoners are filmed either in their cells, in general population, or out in the halls to give interviews to the film crew. The prisoners show how they live life each day on the inside, sharing how they cope, how they cook food made from commissary purchases, or how they pass the time each day until they are released.

Lockup Extended Stay crews have also been exposed to cell extractions, which show violent or non-conforming prisoners being forcefully removed from their cells.

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  • Solitary confinement is often used to punish inmates, but is highly controversial.

  • A post made on the Internet leads to the arrest of a Dodgers fan at a Reds game.

  • A young inmate receives a quick lesson on surviving in jail and prepares to suffer consequences of his actions.

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