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In Martin Yan's Hong Kong Adventure, you are invited to take a journey thousands of years in the making. Yan takes you from historical banquets to the newest east-west fusion experience, from the abundance of street foods and famous night markets to the fabulous seafood restaurants where diners make their dinner picks right on the water's edge.

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Yan Can Cook
1 Season, 13 Episodes
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Martin Yan's Hong Kong Full Episode Guide

  • Martin cooks up a festival of celebrated including Shrimp and Chicken Soup in a Clay Pot, Chinese Tamales, and a Chinese favorite, edible Money Bags!

  • Fly to the Peak Cafe where we prepare Roast Duck in Red Curry, followed by an adventure in high fashion.

  • Join Martin as he prepares Yin Yang Pizza, and Cha Siu Lamb Chops.

  • Travel with Martin by boat, where life includes Two Flavors of Prawn, Eight Treasure Squash Soup and Steamed Seafood with Glass Noodles.

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