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Martin Yan's Hong Kong follows Matin Yan as he tours the city of Hong Kong highlighting the food, culture and unique preparation of food within the stunning city. Extensive knowledge of the culinary arts and a city with the highest proportion of restaurants. The tastings, recipe and pursuit of the culinary world within Hong Kong. Audience members can also enjoy Yan’s excellent travel tips within the city as well as the thrill of following his pursuit for the most authentic tasting food within the city.

Yan Can Cook
1 Season, 13 Episodes
Martin Yan's Hong Kong
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Martin Yan's Hong Kong Full Episode Guide

  • Martin cooks up a festival of celebrated including Shrimp and Chicken Soup in a Clay Pot, Chinese Tamales, and a Chinese favorite, edible Money Bags!

  • Fly to the Peak Cafe where we prepare Roast Duck in Red Curry, followed by an adventure in high fashion.

  • Join Martin as he prepares Yin Yang Pizza, and Cha Siu Lamb Chops.

  • Travel with Martin by boat, where life includes Two Flavors of Prawn, Eight Treasure Squash Soup and Steamed Seafood with Glass Noodles.

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