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Nitro Circus is a reality television series, created by Gregg Gidfrey, Jeremy Rawle, Jeff Premaine, Travis Pastrana, Johnny Knoxville, and Trip Taylor. The show was originally a miniseries featured on Fuse, but was grabbed up by MTV and extended into a full series.

The series focuses on a group of extreme athletes who travel on dirt bikes in search of adventure. The group's leader, Travis Pastrana, guides the Nitro Circus Crew through extreme acts of base jumping, bike tricks, and other highly dangerous stunts. The group consists of athletes Andy Bell, Jolene Van Vugt, Greg Powell, Jim DeChamp, Erik Roner, and Tommy Passemante, but also features guests stars including Johnny Knoxville and Bob Burnquist.

Travis Pastrana is an extreme biker, and normally the first person to attempt stunts involving motorized or non-motorized bikes. Andy Bell is a retired FMX rider, and also performs bicycle and tricycle stunts. Jolene Van Vugt is a dirt bike stunt devil, who gained popularity as a female motocross champion. Jim DeChamp is a mountain bike expert, and performs downhill bike stunts. Erik Roner is the Nitro Circus Team's main ski and base jump expert, performing any stunt involving snow. Tommy Passemante is known more for his failings and injuries than his dirt bike talents. Passemante adds comedy to the series and takes on tasks that other Nitro Circus members will not attempt. Greg Powell, Travis' cousin, is also a member of the team, although he has no specific athletic specialty.

This high adrenaline series has inspired a live stunt tour, as well as a Nitro Circus 3D movie. This show reaches audiences who seek adventure, danger, and the convenience of experiencing these feelings while safe at home.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
2 Seasons, 34 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
February 1, 2009
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