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Series Length:5 Seasons, 66 Episodes
Schedule: Saturday at 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel

Oddities is a Science Channel original series show. Each episode is approximately twenty five minutes long. This is a documentary reality style television series that takes place around a local Manhattan antique shop that also specializes in rarities.

The main cast of Oddities consists of owners Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson. They also employ an experienced buyer named Ryan Matthews. Besides selling rare and interesting antiques, they also purchase odd items from locals and some people they know with strange collections.

Some of the items that come into the shop are old medical instruments including a toe stretcher and shock therapy devices. They also buy and sell preserved body parts. On rare occassions they have also dealt with shrunkin heads.

At times customers also come in search of a special piece for a gift or shop insperation. At this point the customer usually gives them a budget and they have to work within that budget to come up with something for the customer. The owners of Oddities have a network of friends and old clients that they go to when they are searching for that perfect item. Here they take you with them when visiting clients personal collections and you get to see a wide range of things normally kept from public viewing.

The staff of Oddities shop also specialize in taxidermy pieces and usually have a goood market with buying and selling these type of items. In some cases, a pet owner has even brought in their deceased companion to have the shop put together a sculpture or other type of piece using the animals remains.

You never know what is going to walk in the door of the Oddities shop. There have been performers looking for odd knives to use in their act and even contortionists. In many cases the entertainer give them a private showing in the store. Oddities showcases all the things you normally don't see in society and may be disturbing for some viewers.

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Status: Returning Series
Rating: 9.5/10
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  • At Obscura Antiques & Oddities a pro wrestler gets the shock of his life and Ryan brokers a deal with a competitor to get a vintage hair removal apparatus. Later, Mike & Evan go nuts hunting for the ultimate symbol of masculinity to please a customer.

  • The Obscura Antiques & Oddities gang heads to the Big Easy where Evan meets the bassist for White Zombie & a puppet group rumored to do human sacrifice. Then Ryan & Mike meet zombies of their own, leading them to a spirit whisperer & ancient sarcophagus.

  • At Obscura Antiques & Oddities a customer tries to sell a baby he found while dumpster diving & a wrestler wants something to intimidate his opponents with, so Mike goes on the hunt and finds an item so disturbing it leaves his customer tongue tied.

  • At Obscura Antiques & Oddities Ryan cooks up an alternative recipe to make a shrunken head replica. Then Mike gets the shock of a lifetime when he sticks his pencil where it doesn't belong, and a couple tries to sell Evan an antique skin grafter.

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