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The Borgias is a series on Showtime following the life and times of the Borgia family in fifteenth century Italy. While based on historical events, the show takes a lot of artistic license, making it more of a historical drama than a documentary. The series starts in the year 1492 with the election of Rodrigo Borgia to the papacy. He becomes Pope Alexander VI.

The series focuses on Rodrigo and his four children. Cesare Borgia, the oldest, serves the church to please his father, but has a dark, violent side. His interests lie more in warfare, but his younger brother Juan has been given command of the Papal forces. Their younger sister Lucrezia and youngest brother Gioffre are also followed.

The first season of the show focuses on the efforts of the family to identify and eliminate their enemies in the College of Cardinals. Their greatest enemy, Cardinal Della Rovere soon travels to France and convinces the French king to conquer the Italian city-states and depose the pope. In the meantime, Pope Alexander negotiates two marriages for Lucrezia and Gioffre that are meant to solidify military and political support for his papacy.

By the second season of the show, Lucrezia's marriage has been annulled and last-minute political maneuvering has saved Alexander's papacy. The show deals with the inner conflicts between the family members and the political fall out from their deals to save Rome. Throughout this, the siblings and their parents fall in love, get into fights, and assassinate their enemies.

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Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • In the third season finale, the money from the crusades and jubilee is enough to save the Papal army. Differences are set aside between Alexander and Cesare. As Cesare marches on Forli, Micheletto returns. Lucrezia turns to her portions to end Alfonso's life painlessly.

  • Micheletto kills his lover after being betrayed, then disappears. Alfonso suspects that a brother and sister relationship is something more. Alexander wants to monopolize the sulfur market.

  • Rome is flooded with pilgrims for the Jubilee celebration. Catherine plans to destroy Alexander's festival.

  • Cesare burns Constanzo's palace in an effort to contain the plague. Due to a shift in politics, Lucrezia seeks a Neapolitan power base for herself and her family. Lucrezia blackmails Prince Raphael and Prince Frederigo replaces Ferdinand as King.

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What's New Tonight: Sunday, June 16th.
Showtime's 'The Borgias' Officially Cancelled

Showtime recently announced that ‘The Borgias’ will be cancelled, and the last episode, set to air June 16th, will act as the series finale. This is no big surprise, as Showtime has cancelled many of its staples in the past year, including “Weeds”, “Dexter”, and “The Big C”. “The Borgias” was intended to run for 4 seasons, much like its Showtime predecessor “The Tudors”, but it seems that that is no longer an option.

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