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"The Killing" is based on a hit Danish television show of the same title. Relocated to a perpetually rainy and gloomy Seattle, the US version focuses in its first two seasons on the murder of a teenager, Rosie Larsen. The show's Pacific Northwest setting and plot revolving around the death of a young girl with a secret sordid life caused many comparisons with the early 90s cult television show "Twin Peaks."

Two police officers are the main characters in "The Killing," Sarah Linden (Mirielle Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). Tension arises between the two almost immediately because Holder was hired as Linden's replacement, yet Linden cannot seem to let go of the case to begin her new life with her fiance in California and instead remains on the job.

The show also focuses on how others in Rosie's life are coping with her death, particularly her parents and younger brothers. Rosie is from a working class background, and the show gradually reveals that her family has a few secrets of their own.

Many of the episodes center around a character identified as a key suspect in the case before debunking that character's involvement and moving on to a new hypothesis. As the first season progressed, the candidates and staff in the city's mayoral race came to prominence as more information surfaced about possibly corrupt and criminal activities at the highest levels. The show's decision to end on a cliff hanger for the first season was controversial among viewers and critics, leading show runner Veena Sud to reassure fans that the crime would be solved in the second season.

The second season widened the potential political conspiracy to include the police and continued to explore the storylines and relationships established in the first season. As promised, the show did finally solve the crime with its season two conclusion.

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The Killing Full Episode Guide

  • Linden and Holder's partnership spirals into chaos as they are confronted with the shocking truth behind the Stansbury murders.

  • Information about the family murders comes to light as Kyle's memory returns. Holder's loyalty is tested when confronted about Skinner's death.

  • Linden and Holder target a student with a sordid past, and a tip from an informant leads Reddick to a shocking discovery.

  • Reddick digs deeper into Skinner’s disappearance. Linden and Holder try to keep their crime under wraps while preventing it from going cold.

The Killing News

Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights to 'The Killing'

Netflix again gets the rights to exclusively air a popular show. This time it’s “The Killing” you won’t expect to find anywhere else. Netflix alone will stream the third season of the show after its season finale on AMC. No real surprise, however. Netflix strategies were a big assist in bringing back the show, which had originally been cancelled. "Our agreement with Netflix played an extremely significant part in the studio's strategy that enabled us to bring 'The Killing' back for a third season," said David Madden, president of Fox Television Studios.

'The Killing' Might Continue on DirecTV or Netflix

It's safe to say that we're entering a new age of television, considering the many different ways that people get the content nowadays. Just about everybody has a DVR box, and services like Netlix and Hulu make up for a decent chunk of viewership for any given show or movie. One of the side effects of this is that a good show might never have to die early again. Too often have we seen shows like "Firefly" bite the dust because of poor ratings, only to find a cult following after death.

'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Now Hiring Writers, Including the Guy Who Wrote 'Cars'

When thinking about who should write the big-screen adaptation of an S&M-themed erotic novel, the writer of "Cars 2" isn't usually the first to come to mind. Nonetheless, he is indeed in the running to write "Fifty Shades of Grey." Dan Fogelman, who wrote "Bolt" and "Tangled" in addition to the "Cars" series, might even be the frontrunner to take the job, considering that he is the most experienced of the four screenwriters being considered.

AMC Cancels 'The Killing,' Develops New Area 51 Drama

It's a challenge to call a drama lasting two seasons a full-fledged "failure," but AMC's "The Killing" took a full two rounds facing down network predecessors' established lofty expectations for some things to sink in completely. "After much deliberation, we've come to the difficult decision not to renew 'The Killing' for a third season," AMC representatives announced Friday through a statement, according to Friday. "AMC is incredibly proud of the show and is fortunate to have worked with such a talented team on this project, from showrunner Venna Sud and our terrific partners at Fox Television Studios to the talented, dedicated crew and exceptional cast.

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