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Jon Chu is a writer, director and producer of movies, including Step Up 2: The Streets. While filming it, he met with dancers from around the world and was impressed by their sheer talent. Inspired by their abilities and videos for songs like Thriller and Smooth Criminal, Chu set out to make a web television series dedicated to showing off the variety and emotional impact of dance. Through the medium of incredibly dancing, he has succeeded in telling an amazing story. This story is that of The LXD.

The LXD stands for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. It is a free web series with several dozen characters, each of whom is a specialist in a particular form of dance. These dance styles range from roboting and popping to tap dance and ballet. Each episode showcases these dances while telling a story in an almost comic book style, as the characters interact and grow.

The plot of The LXD revolves around two warring factions. One side is the Legion itself, who are the heroes of the story. The antagonists are Organization X and the Umbras, who have united to form the Alliance of the Dark. The two factions war through their dance, along with dance-related special powers known as the Ra.

While the special effects in The LXD are amazing, they aren't special effects at all. Each episode showcases incredible movements of the human body, physics-defying stunts and intense choreography. Every minute of it is filmed without assistance. There are no digital overlays, no motion capture replicas or green-screen backgrounds. Every stunt is done purely with the skill of the dancers and the power of the human body.

The LXD is more than just a web series. Various troupes of LXD dancers travel the world, performing live for various television programs, live shows and presentations. In 2010 they performed at TED, and received the longest standing ovation in the history of the conference. They have also performed for Ellen DeGeneres, So You Think You Can Dance, Conan O'Brian and the Academy Awards.

Director and writer Jon Chu has brought his dream into reality. The LXD has won awards for outstanding new web content and series. Chu himself has won a Pioneer award for his work with the series. Many of the dancers have won awards themselves, and most make careers out of their dancing. The LXD is not to be missed.

3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - New Series
Drama, Web Originals
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The LXD Full Episode Guide

  • For the LXD, one moment changes everything: the promise of eternal love, the legacy of family bonds, and the destiny of two brothers.

  • The Dark Doctor forges an alliance with Karey to destroy the LXD, once and for all.

  • The LXD Rinas go on a mission to find the Dark Doctor through his most trusted soldier.

  • Spex and the Observers go head to head with the LXD recruits in an action-packed training exercise to channel their Ra.

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