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A boy named Oscar has a big secret that he has been keeping from everyone. Oscar's secret is that he is Nanoboy. He can transform and turn into the smallest super hero ever. He battles bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Starz Network
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
December 20, 2008
Animation & Cartoons
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The New Adventures of Nanoboy Full Episode Guide

  • Summer time is tanning time! Be sure to apply your sunscreen or else you will end up with badly burned skin like Pablo./What do poachers want with Isaac? Is he really an endangered species? Commander Flag leads the team on a rescue mission but is a little rusty on the ground.

  • 3 seemingly harmless elements can cause major mayhem when they are brought together! The Nanosquad must split up for this mission, to stop Vulco from uniting the 3 of them./What kid hasn't skinned their knee? When Tim has a skateboard wipeout, Nanoboy and the Nanosquad have to save some innocent circus goes from Tim's scab!

  • Czar Zar's elasticity reversal ray gun has gone missing! Will he work together with Nanoboy to get back his gun? Is Nanoboy willing to put aside his personal differences with Czar Zar in order to save the day?/A microbe school bus driver loses control over his vehicle after it gets hit by a surge of static electricity! Or is he really a school bus driver as Nanoboy might suspect?

  • An apple a day keeps the mafia away? When the mob takes over the super-highways of Tim's body, Nanoboy and the Nanosquad have to get things moving again, before any serious harm is done./A mysterious figure appears in the Microcosmos causing allergic reactions to Microbes wherever it goes. Is the Nanosquad spared from allergic symptoms when they confront the mysterious figure for a showdown?

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