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Three Sheets is a travelogue based around the host of the show, Zane Lamprey, traveling the world and learning more about the alcoholic drinks produced in each destination visited. The show presents a humorous view of the major sites and alcoholic drinks an specific city is known for and attempts to inform the viewer of how specific drinks and food items are created, constructed or consumed within the city.

During each episode of Three Sheets the initial portion of the show is taken up with Zane Lamprey giving a short guide to the city being visited in that episode. Following this an alcohol producer or local bar will be visited for the host to make and consume specific food and alcoholic drink items. Three Sheets usually takes place over two days in a specific location to allow the host to sample the hangover cures each location is best known for.

During each show the mascot of the show, Pleepleuis the monkey, is hidden in different locations. A popular drinking game has grown up with viewers drinking each time Pleepleus is visible within the show.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Mojo
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Returning Series
June 18, 2006
Arts & Culture, Beauty & Fashion
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  • Zane visits the Hemp Hotel and red light district. It gets crazy at a sailor bar with a bartender pouring...

  • Zane does happy hour with locals shooting off fireworks, downing shots and local beers. He meets a farmer who...

  • Zane does "beer tosses" and "Jager-bombs" with an equally outrageous bar owner, and explores the drinking games of the international transplants who work the mountain by day, and the bars by night.

  • Zane discovers a remote atoll where they grow the only grapes on earth to have a "coral terroir." There's also pineapple liqueur, island cocktails, beer cocktails and island antics, when Zane goes three sheets to Tahiti.

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