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Wipeout is an obstacle farce meant for pure entertainment purposes. There is nothing serious about it except the money that contestants can win. Hosted by comedians John Henson and John Anderson, a viewer at home will be in for an hour of laughs. Wipeout takes the shape of a reality game show format. It brings 24 people through one of the world's largest and wackiest obstacle courses, racing to win the grand prize of $50,000. Contestants jump, roll, and get thrown from absurd "games" in hopes of making it to the end with a good time.

The first qualifying round takes all contestants through the course, but only advances the twelve people with the quickest times. All contestants reveal a ridiculous side of their personality and get jabbed with jokes and commentary throughout. The next round is the Sweeper, which weeds out the six people who last the longest. The final person standing receives $1,000 for the trouble. The third round involves one particular giant obstacle with a crazy nickname. Two more players are let go and the final four players compete in the last round called "The Wipeout Zone". Here, a person must finish four obstacles with the fastest tome. The person with the best time wins the grand prize.

Wipeout is not serious in any sense of the word. Contestants are willing to be humiliated and put through tough physical challenges for money. It is meant to be a fun and silly hour where seriousness goes out the window.

Thursday 8:00PM et/pt on ABC
7 Seasons, 134 Episodes - Returning Series
June 24, 2008
Game Show, Reality
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Wipeout Full Episode Guide

  • In the final competition of the season, winners from the season compete in the Tournament of Champions.

  • Greek rivals compete on the Wipeout Course.

  • The season's previous winners return in a tournament of champions.

  • Bosses and their employees team up to compete in the Wipeout Zone.

Wipeout News

Ice Sculptures, Motocross, and Pranks Among Subjects of New TruTV Shows

TruTV is about to get even more wacky reality programming. The network has not only renewed shows like "Hardcore Pawn," "Black Gold" and "Lizard Lick Towing," but it has also acquired reruns of ABC's obstacle-course competition show "Wipeout." TruTV has also announced a number of projects in development, some of them in familiar territory and others fairly new in concept.

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