Firehouse Dog

Shane is an emotional teenage boy being raised by a single Dad who happens to be a firefighter. After his Uncle, the fire captain, is killed in the line of duty, the firehouse where his dad works is scheduled to be closed. Shane's Dad tries hard to keep it open, but things look very grim. Shane doesn't have much regard for school or authority and rather not go. He spends a lot of time sulking in his room and wishing things were different. His Dad doesn't really notice because he is too busy working and dealing with his own problems.

One day Shane's Dad and crew rescue a very special dog from a burning building. The dog has no identification and no known owner, so Shane's Dad makes him care for the dog until they find his home. Shane is not crazy about the idea. He doesn't want to care for the dog and resents him.

Eventually, the dog is able to win Shane over with his unusual talents and firefighting ability. Before long, the dog becomes an intricate member of the special firefighting family and an extremely close friend to Shane.

Some mysterious fires begin. Shane decides to use the keen senses of his new companion to find out who is behind these terrible fires, but the investigating duo fall into a life-threatening situation. When the two are rescued and life seems to be good, the firehouse dog's true owner comes forward. He claims that the dog is a talented movie star and demands that he be returned at once. Poor Shane is forced to face yet another loss in his young life and be on his own once again.

Firehouse Dog is filled with action, suspense, humor and love. It is a great family movie especially for dog lovers. The movie is filled with a series of life lessons, teenager adversities, and some fun, laughter and all around entertainment.

| 2007 | 1 hr 51 min | 5.5/10
Todd Holland
Firehouse Dog

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