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"Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is done following orders"

The film Green Zone opens with the General Mohammed Al-Rawi hiding in Baghdad while contemplating the future of his country. He was thinking of waiting for the Americans to arrive and hopefully offering him and his army to join them. The date was set in March 2003 Four weeks later, the Americans arrive to seize control of Baghdad. A squad led by U.S. Army Chief Roy Miller investigates warehouses believed to be the housing of weapons of mass destruction. The squad found nothing of the sort, and concluded they were fed bad intel.

Miller continued to investigate some other sites. An Iraqi, who names himself Freddy, approaches him. Freddy informs Miller he saw a few Ba'ath Party VIP members hosting a meeting in a nearby house. Miller crashed the party, but Al-Rawi escapes. However, Miller captured one of his men. Before Miller gets the opportunity to extract information, the captured men were grabbed by other military special operations agency.

Miller then goes to Brown in a hotel in the Green Zone. Brown makes arrangement so Miller can question the captured Iraqi. Miller meets the captured personnel again barely alive in prison. The personnel only give one word information to Miller and it was "Jordan".

Miller went to Dayne to confront her about where she gets intel. Dayne eventually tells Miller that Al-Rawi was their informant.

Miller then figures out that Poundstound, Dayne's organization, wants Al-Rawi dead before he can tell the media that there was never been WMD's in Iraq. Miller tried to find Al-Rawi, but was capture by Al-Rawi's men instead. Al-Rawi confirmed to Miller that there was no WMD program in Iraq since the First Persian Gulf War and Poundstound created false information so they will have an excuse to Invade Iraq.

American forces then stormed Al-Rawis hideout. Miller managed to eliminate his captors. Miller catches up to Al-Rawi, but Freddy suddenly appears and shoots Al-Rawi. Miller lets Freddy escapes before the rest of the U.S. forces storms the place.

Miller then confronts Poundstone about the WMD matter. Miller informs Dayne what he knows. Dayne then spreads then information to all major news agencies outlet in the world.

| 2010 | 1 hr 55 min | 6.8/10 | 63/100
Paul Greengrass

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