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Hitman is an action/adventure movie that was released in 1998 starring Jet Li and Simon Yam. The story line revolves around the assassin called the King of Killers. In this movie the King of Killers is an unknown killer who has no ties to any organizations. His or her identity is not known and they trail is always cold after a killing is committed, so the police have no way to find the killer. The King of Killers kills an popular yukuza boss who sets a price on the killers head before his passing. Fu(Jet Li) is a small time gangster who seeks power, money and fame hears about the 100 million dollar bounty on the King of Killers head.

Fu decides to try out for the position of killer, Fu is shunned away, but with the help of Ngok lok a greedy loan shark Fu is able to sneak in on an meeting and get offered the hitman contract. The meeting gets broken up by a special team task force agent(Chan) who has been trying to hunt down the King of Killers since his emergence. Fu and Lo escape capture and find out more about each other, Fu realizes that Lo is an ex commissioned officer.

Fu and Lo begin to search for clues on the King of Killers whereabouts and find in Lo's family members home. A third assassin tries to take out Lo and Fu in the house, but Fu counters all of his attacks and kills him with his own grenade. Lo decides that staying here will only attract more negative attention from other killers so they decide to hide out at his home until the find the King of Killers. At the climax of the movie the two men find out that Special Agent Chan is the King of Killers and has concealed himself from the governments eyes, by becoming one of them.

| 1998 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.2/10
Jet Li, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam, Gigi Leung
Stephen Tung
Produced By
Gordon Chan
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