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The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text on sexual behavior. Though the text has many pictures of various sexual positions, it also offers wise advice on love and lovers. The movie takes place in India during the 16th century; two young girls, Maya and Tara, are brought up together in the same house. Even though there is a social divide between them, the two girls become fast and dear friends. Maya is a servant in Tara's home, who envies her friend's wealth and seemingly pampered life.

Maya is taught lessons straight from the Kama Sutra text, and Tara, being of a higher class, can only observe what goes on during these forbidden classes. Maya excels in her lessons and seems to have a natural sense of beauty and eroticism that will someday make her a great Courtesan. Maya's jealousy of Tara consumes her; she is tired of being a lowly servant and despises being given Tara's hand-me-down clothing. As the girls grow into womanhood, Tara wins the attention and hand in marriage of the local Rajah. Maya sees an opportunity to settle on uneven score against her best friend.

On the night before Tara and the Rajah's marriage Maya goes to him and offers her body to him. By offering herself, Maya gains complete revenge against her friend and rival. For once, Tara will have Maya's hand-me-down, on her wedding day. Maya's betrayal is later reveled to Tara, and causes a great strain on their friendship.

Tara's deformed brother, who has secretly had a crush on Maya, asks for her hand in marriage. Repulsed, Maya refuses him, and in his anger he reveals to his mother that Maya has slept with his sister's husband. Maya is thrown out of the house in shame, after which she wanders the countryside, finds a home with courtesans, and starts to learn their ways.

Tara's marriage to the Rajah is a sad and rocky one. On their wedding night, her husband is rough with her, and seems uninterested in her romantically. He begins to lose himself in other woman and in opium. In truth, he can't get Maya out of his mind and compares other woman to her beauty, skills, and touch. He sets out to find the elusive woman and when he does, he brings her to his palace and Maya becomes the Rajahs favorite concubine.

In this house, the courtesan has greater sway than the wife, and for once Maya is above Tara. This devastating change in roles puts an even greater strain on their relationship.

Karma Sutra: A Tale of Love, is a beautifully shot movie, with a talented and attractive cast. Put the kids to bed early and enjoy the show.

| 1996 | 1 hr 57 min | 6.0/10 | 0/100
Indira Varma, Sarita Choudhury, Ramon Tikaram, Naveen Andrews
Mira Nair
Produced By
Caroline Baron, Lydia Dean Pilcher, Mira Nair

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