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"He needed to trust her with his secret. She had to trust him with her life."

The movie Shinning Through is a British American film set during World War II. The film stars Michael Dougles, Melanie Griffian, Liam Neeson. The movie follows a woman named Linda. She lives in New York and is from Irish and Jewish decent. She becomes an assistant to Ed who is a lawyer. Ed is really a colonel in the OSS. Linda goes with him to many secret meetings in the United States. When he is sent away she is heartbroken.

Linda receives a new job assignment. Suddenly Ed is back in her life. Ed has to go away again and this time Linda goes with him. They travel to Switzerland and Linda finds herself working in the home of a Nazi. She is able to get a picture of some confidential German documents that he is hiding. At this time Linda finds out she still has family in this country and they are in danger. Linda tries to find her long lost cousin but when she gets to their hiding place she it too late. The people whom she trusted to protect her in Switzerland had betrayed her. Linda is wounded in the war and is barely able to get away alive. Ed is able to come to her rescue. They try to make it to the Swiss border while Ed is fighting his way out. Ed is wounded by a German sniper but manages to get himself and Linda out of the country.

The movie ends with an older version of Linda. She and Ed recover from their wounds and they were even able to sneak out special Herman documents. Linda and Ed have gotten married and have two children. The movie ends showing both an elderly couple that are Linda and Ed.

| 1992 | 2 hr 13 min | 6.4/10
Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, Liam Neeson, Joely Richardson
David Seltzer
Produced By
David Seltzer, Carol Baum, Sandy Gallin, Zvi Howard Rosenman

Also directed by David Seltzer

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