The Hi-Lo Country

"A woman like Mona can drive men to extremes."
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The Hi-Lo Country depicts small town life in New Mexico following World War II. Young men who have returned home from the war attempt to regain their place in the disappearing way of life they left in the dusty, lonely hi-lo country. Pete Calder is a young cowboy who returns home with hopes of raising cattle, only to be told by a rich rancher that the days of the small rancher are over. Pete dates the woman he was seeing before the war, but becomes involved with another man's wife, who happens to be in love with Pete's friend, Big Boy Matson.

Big Boy represents the vanishing cowboy. An unruly horse becomes his favorite mount and he announces to the world that Mona, the married woman, will be his also. Big Boy's energy and his fearless approach to life, including openly loving a married woman, propel the story to its surprising end.

| 1998 | 1 hr 54 min | 6.1/10
Billy Crudup, Woody Harrelson, Cole Hauser, Enrique Castillo
Stephen Frears
Produced By
Tim Bevan,Barbara De Fina,Eric Fellner,Martin Scorsese
The Hi-Lo Country
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