The Triple Echo

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  • R
  • 1972
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.4  (906)

The Triple Echo is an emotive and subtle film about love, loneliness, and rural isolation set in the bleakly beautiful English countryside of the mid-20th century. Directed by Michael Apted, it stars Glenda Jackson as Alice, a young woman living alone on a farm while her husband is away fighting in the British Army. Oliver Reed is Barton, a local soldier who meets Alice on a rare visit to the nearby village and soon becomes fixated on her, and Brian Deacon is the naive young private who takes over as Alice's guard after Barton is sent away.

The beginning of the film sees Alice living alone on a farm, isolated and lonely in the midst of the stark, empty landscapes of rural England. When she encounters Barton, a soldier stationed nearby, she is distant and aloof, mistrustful of this strange man who seems to fixate on her from the start. However, Barton is persistent, and as the two begin to talk and spend time together, Alice begins to let down her guard and open up. They have a connection that runs deeper than they are willing to admit - a connection built on shared pain and loneliness.

As time passes, the army posts a new guard to watch over Alice's farm, a young private named Euan. The relationship between Alice and Barton continues, but their time together is limited, as Barton must return to his post. In his absence, Alice and Euan begin to form a bond that is at first tentative but ultimately powerful. Euan is naive and idealistic, eager to please and deeply unsuspecting of the danger he finds himself in as a result of his association with Alice.

What makes The Triple Echo such a powerful film is its exploration of the subtle nuances of human connection - how people can come to mean different things to each other in different contexts, how a chance encounter can lead to a life-changing event, and how love can manifest itself in unexpected ways. Glenda Jackson's performance is stunning, capturing every facet of Alice's complex emotional life: her wariness and mistrust, her loneliness and vulnerability, and her growing affection for both Barton and Euan.

Oliver Reed is equally impressive as Barton, communicating a sense of desperation and longing that is palpable throughout the film. His scenes with Jackson are some of the most moving in the entire movie, as the two characters struggle to articulate the depth of their feelings for each other. Brian Deacon, in turn, brings a youthful enthusiasm to the role of Euan, infusing the film with a sense of hope and possibility that stands in stark contrast to the isolation and despair of Alice's world.

Of course, the film is not without its flaws. There are times when the pacing feels slow, and the dialogue can be a bit stilted at times. It is also very much a product of its time, with a tone and style that may feel somewhat dated to contemporary audiences. Nevertheless, it is a well-crafted and deeply affecting film, one that rewards patience and emotional investment with a rich and rewarding story.

In sum, The Triple Echo is a powerful and understated film that explores the complexities of human connection with a rare sensitivity and insight. Anchored by outstanding performances from Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed, and Brian Deacon, it is a haunting and deeply memorable work that will stay with viewers long after the credits have rolled.

The Triple Echo
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