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  • TV-MA
  • 2005
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.9  (1,992)

30 Days is a documentary-style television series created by and starring American filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock. The show premiered on FX in 2005 and ran for three seasons until 2008. Each episode of the series follows Spurlock as he immerses himself in a different way of life for 30 days.

During each episode, Spurlock takes on a new challenge by living for 30 days with a different community or group of people, with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of their lives and experiences. Through this experience, Spurlock aims to challenge the audience's preconceptions and beliefs about different cultures and lifestyles.

Throughout the course of the series, Spurlock tackles a wide range of issues, reflecting the diversity of American society. Each episode features Spurlock living with a different group of people who are facing a particular challenge or issue. For example, in one episode, he spends 30 days living on minimum wage, trying to make ends meet in the same way as those earning the lowest income in America. In another episode, Spurlock spends 30 days behind bars in a prison in Virginia, alongside convicted criminals, to try to understand the realities of life inside prison.

Other episodes focus on different topics, from environmental conservation to religious faith. In an episode about gay rights, Spurlock lives for 30 days with a Christian family who are opposed to homosexuality, attempting to bridge the gap between the two communities. In another episode, he investigates the growing trend of volunteer tourism, where Western tourists travel to developing countries to offer their help.

The show is produced in a docu-reality style, following Spurlock as he participates in the lives of the people he is staying with. The episodes often include interviews with experts or those involved in the issue being explored, adding extra insights into the topic at hand.

Throughout the series, Spurlock offers a unique perspective on the issues he explores, as he is fully embedded within the communities he is living with. He takes on the challenges of each new lifestyle with an open mind and heart, allowing himself to explore and understand different ways of life without judgment, while always maintaining a critical eye.

30 Days is a show that is both educational and entertaining. It presents viewers with insights into different aspects of American life that they may never have considered. The series has been praised for Spurlock's in-depth explorations, his commitment to understanding different perspectives, and his frank discussions of the issues at hand.

Overall, 30 Days is a thought-provoking and informative show that offers viewers a unique insight into the experiences of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. It has become a classic work of sociology and an excellent example of the docu-reality genre.

30 Days
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Life on an Indian Reservation
6. Life on an Indian Reservation
July 8, 2008
Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days on an Navajo reservation in New Mexico where he explores the Native American culture. Morgan is hosted by a school superintendent and her husband, a college physical education instructor and rodeo rider. They are well connected to their native culture while enjoying the well to do lifestyle. While there Spurlock also spends some time in a hogan, which is a bit less accommodating dwelling, and works in a tire store.
Gun Nation
5. Gun Nation
July 1, 2008
A dance instructor from Massachusetts who is in favor of gun control will spend 30 days in Ohio at the home of a gun enthusiast. Among the stops will be a job in a gun shop and a visit to a gun show. She in turn will introduce people who have lost a loved one to a bullet.
Same Sex Parenting
4. Same Sex Parenting
June 24, 2008
An adoptee, now a mother of two adopted sons herself, is opposed to same sex adoptions. She will spend the next 30 days living with a gay couple in Michigan who have adopted four boys of their own. Among their stops includes attending church with the family, travelling to the state capital in Lansing for a rally for gay and lesbian couples promotting adoptions, and a meeting with a group of lesbian mothers. She will also have a discussion with former foster children about growing up without parents or a permanant home.
Animal Rights
3. Animal Rights
June 17, 2008
A North Carolina hunter joins a PETA campaign coordinator/vegan for one month. Among the places they attend are an animal rights protest, work at a center which rescues farm animals and meet with animal rights organizers.
30 Days in a Wheelchair
2. 30 Days in a Wheelchair
June 10, 2008
Ray Crockett, a former NFL player who played with a teammate who ended up paralyzed, will spend 30 days in a wheelchair. Crockett's home and car are retrofitted, as he continues coaching his son's football team. He will also play a game of wheelchair rugby against other spinal cord injured players. Host Morgan Spurlock challenges Marlon Shirley, a Paralympian to a foot race.
Working in a Coal Mine
1. Working in a Coal Mine
June 3, 2008
West Virginia native, Morgan Spurlock will spend 30 days in a coal mine, and will get a first hand experience of just how dirty and dangerous the job can be. He will also go with his boss/roommate Dale Lusk, to a clinic to check for black lung disease.
  • Premiere Date
    June 15, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (1,992)