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  • 2023
  • 1 Season

3D Dive is an exhilarating adventure reality show that transports its audience into the depths of the world's most beautiful and mysterious underwater locations. The show has been designed for all kinds of viewers, whether you have a passion for diving or just want to experience the beauty of the ocean from the comfort of your home.

At the heart of the show are the contestants, all experienced divers who have been selected based on their knowledge and skills. Each episode features a different location and a set of challenges that the contestants must complete to progress further in the competition. These challenges vary from swimming through underwater reefs and caves to exploring sunken ships and interacting with marine life.

The show's biggest draw is its use of cutting-edge technology to create a fully immersive 3D experience for the audience. Viewers can don 3D glasses and feel like they're diving right alongside the contestants, from the initial descent into the ocean to the final ascent back to the surface. The 3D effects boldly display the magnificent underwater landscapes, which are brought to life with vibrant colors, schools of fish, and other marine life.

3D Dive is not just about showcasing the underwater environment, but also about highlighting its importance and the need to preserve it. The show's hosts provide educational information about the different species of fish, plants, and coral reefs that the contestants encounter, while also raising awareness on topics such as conservation, pollution, and the importance of sustainable living.

The interplay between the contestants adds to the excitement of the show. They are a varied bunch, bringing different personalities, backgrounds, and diving styles, adding to the tension and drama of the competition. As they make their way through the challenges, the contestants must not only rely on their diving skills but also support each other- creating an intricate and exciting web of relationships.

Overall, 3D Dive is a breathtaking show that succeeds in capturing the magic of the underwater world. With its exceptional use of technology, educational content, and fascinating challenges, it creates a sense of exploration and wonder that grips the audience from the first scene to the last. Not only does the show showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, but it also educates viewers on the importance of preserving marine life for future generations.

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3D Dive: Part 3: South Africa
3. 3D Dive: Part 3: South Africa
Explore the rich underwater ecosystem of Africa's southern tip, which includes seals, kelp, box jelly fish and huge sea fans.
3D Dive: Part 2: Mozambique
2. 3D Dive: Part 2: Mozambique
Explore Mozambique's incredible underwater wonderland and marine life, including sea birds, manatees, tropical fish and nesting sea turtles.
3D Dive: Part 1: Red Sea
1. 3D Dive: Part 1: Red Sea
Explore the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, a spectacular diving site with incredible coral and shoals of iridescent fish.
  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 2023